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  1. Amanda Lajcaj

    ^ Modeling for Novalash Eyelash Extensions
  2. Amanda Lajcaj

  3. Amanda Lajcaj

  4. Amanda Lajcaj

  5. Emina Cunmulaj

    thank you No prob! I love her, she's stunning. She's got one of the classiest faces I've ever seen! I miss her alot in the scene.
  6. Amanda Lajcaj

  7. Emina Cunmulaj

    Me and Brian Rennie designer of Basler ( ex Escada and Gant designer) at the Basler show in Berlin. Backstage at Berlin fashion show for Basler.
  8. Emina Cunmulaj

    Emina Cunmulaj for Sherri Hill in Albania @ Photographer FADIL BERISHA
  9. Erjona Ala

  10. Erjona Ala

  11. Amanda Lajcaj

  12. Amanda Lajcaj

  13. Amanda Lajcaj

  14. Amanda Lajcaj

  15. Amanda Lajcaj