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  1. "We all make mistakes... but it's never too late to start again..."

  2. Happy Easter!!!


  3. I thought I was getting free from school, but... my job is to teach, Lol. What a joke!

  4. I noticed you spelled her name wrong lol... but her name is so different that it's difficult to write the right way every time, haha. I saw a video of her this week, I think with Candice... she's quite beautiful, actually. Take care, hun.

  5. Thanks, hun. I'm fine... working too much, especially this last week, but it's ok. And you?

  6. Yup... I remembered our last conversation when I saw this on facebook, haha.

  7. Ah, how sweet! Have a great week you too =).

  8. Yeah... it's a beautiful qoute. I hope you have more free time soon. XoXo.

  9. I'm alright too... long time since I talked with you. I loved this in your personal statement: "When you judge another, you do not define them... you define yourself"... great words =). Hugs, girl.

  10. Hey, Shine =).

    How are you?

  11. Hey, Kat. Just now I saw your comment... I'm so distracted, Lol. I'm great hun, thanks for asking. I was having problems with my computer, so couldn't post. And you, how are you? So now you're a fan of Montana?

  12. Hey, how long! I'm glad you liked my birthday message, was from the heart =). I'm sooooo late, hahaha.


  13. Side by side or miles apart... today is the birthday of one of my most beloved people =). Happy birthday, Fash \o/. Best wishes to you. Not just a year older, but a year better than the others that have gone :hugs:.

  14. Business marketing? Wow, congrats :). Really good. I think you can come back, girl. I'm rooting for you. I have to concentrate and have a bit for determining. The college was very good to me, I met many wonderful people there, I made great friends... but the period of conclusion is the most annoying. Leave it all behind :(.

  15. My coursework is killing me, destroying my brain cells lol. It's the second time that I quit... is too boring you have to write about a subject you don't like. I love writing, but only about topics that I enjoy read. I didn't know you had given up college... what's your course?

  16. Back to work? That's sucks, hahaha. Actually I'm having some trouble with my final exam, so I'll quit out of it for a month at least... I don't want to get stressed about it right now nor never =).

  17. Heeeeeey :hugs:. What's up?

  18. Passing just to say... Happy Birthday \o/ !!! Wish you have a life filled with peace, love, health, happiness and all these things that everybody always wants lol.

  19. Just to send you a hug... =).


  20. Hahaha. Hugs to you!!! Everything is fine... hard week :(. I hope this week is more peaceful for you =).

  21. I was without internet yesterday, but... today still worth, right ;)?

    Happy Birthday =).

  22. Hey, hun =). I didn't write anything this year. I'm uninspired lately :(.

  23. Hahaha :D. I loved your page... "I was born in the year of the Lion King"... good one!

  24. Heeeeey, I'm back!!! I missed you so hard =). Thanks for the comment wishing me a happy birthday... it really was ;). XoXo.

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