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  1. haha yes but to me also the eyes, face shape and nose look a like anyhow thanks for the amazing pics of her she's so adorable
  2. that one freakes me out such a scary picture
  3. one of my freinds really reminds me of tiiu ! I don't know if anyone else agrees but I really think she looks a bit like her but then a darker version. Its something in the face Anyway I like tiiu! She has a great look thanks for all the pics especially the ones above
  4. looks a bit like petra nemcova to me she's pretty!! more help please
  5. great to see more people here!!! Welcome to Bellazon Phylicia!!!! Thank youu I really like Freja, I feel like she's one of the best for high fashion
  6. such an amazing model she is! thanks for posting those!
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