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  1. Yeah ive never seen her before! She kind of reminds me of a blonde Barbara Palvin...
  2. This might be another shot in the dark. My last one never got found But here goes this girl. Another random image of tumblr, looked at tags and nothing! Still want to try though
  3. thank you! you were fast
  4. if the poster could tell us where they got it, i can tell which market she is in and perhaps find her. Its just a random image I found on Tumblr. I agree she does look european- but also a little bit exotic.
  5. I know! She has such an interesting look!
  6. Hmm possibly. Although jasmine looks like shes mixed whereas this girl looks more european/brazilian? :S if that makes sense...
  7. Kind of a bad picture, but she is seriously GORG!
  8. Hey i was wondering who the girl in the middle was? Never seen her b4 in VS and she is standing beside candice/rosie so she must be pretty big? :S
  9. Pictures inserted! She is African American (i think, possible mixed/dominican) and has green eyes. She is so damn pretty!!
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