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  1. Hey Bigmax! Thanks for your work on this thread.
  2. Just dropping in because I found a site with some ACM photos I have not seen before. Truth be told though looking at some of the pics on here she is getting to be quite old. And if she has enroled as a medical student then it looks like 'hot' pics are done for, and if they do come, they won't be hot. This is the site anyway http://www.listal.com/ana-claudia-michels/pictures//19
  3. Ah OK not as hot as I thought. Still may look up some of those catwalks on youtube for some 'entertainment'.
  4. What? MORE? Holy **** I just came to the last page. Sheesh this is looking a bit hot!
  5. The salinas bikini and lenney black outfit are ok. There was a seethru one somewhere (next page)? That I'll try and seek out on youtube. She's going down hill though.
  6. I'm not putting her down. Quite the contrary! She looks so much more beautiful in post #475 than she does 'dolled up' in post #477. True beauty needs no embellishment, and you can see her raw beauty right there in #475.
  7. Thanks for these. Will deffo be back and save these to my pooter. Nice to see some figure hugging clothes on her again.
  8. Like the Hotel Video. And nice to see her in clothes that reveal her slinky curves for a change. Pity there isn't any more than standing in the lift.
  9. Nice in the maids outfit! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Anyone searched Youtube recently? There is some dick called 555555xxxxxx that has tagged loads of videos with ACM. The ones I've looked at have turned out to be just spam. Any recent hot ACM videos out there? I have Ana Claudia Michels Bellazon in a pulldown menu on Google.co.uk home page so its the best way for me to get on this web (Bellazon) but its been a while since there has been any ACM hotness and I'm giving up hope!
  11. Liked the island video. So provocative!
  12. At last! Looking sexy again. She is looking great in the middle pic.
  13. I think she loves being a tease! And I love it too!
  14. Looking a bit like a bad day for her! LOL.
  15. Easily the hottest of the Angels. Seen bits of 2 episodes now - no bra and clinging top. Gnice!
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