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  1. Love your avi=)

    5 stars for you!^^

  2. Just to clear this up. Im friends with her in RL and on FB and on Twitter. She doesnt want ANY personal things posted about her pictures and stalking. Shes posted SO MANY times on her FB that she wants everyone to REPORT her fakes. Clearly shes concerned so asking us to post private pictures of her is only encouraging fakes...... (and do answer your question Danni, she IS friends with Barbie Palvin but her facebook is set to super private but its under her normal name) (and to ifaintchu1999, if you know her shes not ALWAYS the nicest though shes nice to her friends) Its not that important to see her candids anyway, cant we just enjoy looking at her professional photos? Btw, she DOES read this forum sometimes and I quote her, "its disturbing."
  3. She changed it because of us...by the way.
  4. how do you know emilys private stuff? :)

  5. Its true. Thats her real twitter, but she never really uses it and advises her friends not to follow her cos she doesnt go on. Plus, shes very wary of fakes - there was a fake (ahem - probs someone who reads/posts on this board) who knows her Facebook and made a fake twitter of her. But thankfully that was deleted after i told emily. Its so annoying all the stalkers wanting to get her private info and pictures. Its really obvious and thats why i dont really want to post her candids.
  6. I-am-so-sorry guys. havent been on in AGES I know - been busy with RL. Anyway, so you want to know about Emily? Well, I take back what I said earlier, the thing about "any Emily on FB friends with Barbara Palvin is fake" well, last week, Emily actually DID meet Barbie Palvin and added on FB. (but Barbara's FB name isn't Barbara Palvin...its a different name). Some facts about Emily: -Everything in her apartment is Red -She has 3 best friends: kait, julia, juliet. Together they form this group called the '44' and thats "their number" and they all have a tattoo of that number on their back -she used to play football and basketball -she has an older sister and brother - she's closer to her brother. her sister seems like the 'lonely duckling' in the family, its sad. -her favourite number is 24 -she likes twilight and mob wives I have to go now
  7. Well, french isn't my first languge (but I'm quite good at it) and neither is english but there you go A yawn and a glass of water Emily DiDonato, face of Armani, holds out her little girly hands so that the manicurist can paint her nails in a geranium red and closes her laguna blue eyes for the make-up artist. Her eyes are tired looking, close to melancholy: "I arrived in NY this morning. I leave this evening. I'm a bit tired." she explains with a little sigh. 20 years old 1.80m tall, killer measurements, and hair like you only see it in venetian paintings, Emily DiDonato enters in a leopard dress size 34 she moves very agile... (long description of Emily) She doesn't know she's beautiful - too beautiful. She has stayed down to earth, a country girl who spends her summer holidays swimming and diving with her parents. Her father has italian roots "but I don't know where exactly they were from" her mother is of scottish descent, she had a simple childhood in New Jersey. "My parents liked fishing and hunting and long walks in the forest. You know, like woodworkers. My dad wore check shirts my mom bought a whole arsenal by mail. We felt like trappers." Her dad is a firefighter. He had to go to NY during 9/11 "to help his colleagues, I remember a very dramatic atmosphere but it's very vague to me as I was only 9 years old" Her mom worked in real estate. "But ever since I'm a model she accompanies me and manages my career. I don't like being alone." explains Emily while rubbing her eyes... (long description of Emily, the photo shoot they were doing and her career) "I adore Ralph Lauren. It's like the America I love, sporty, sexy and sophisticated. So I took a chance" At Ralph Lauren she met her boyfriend he's also a model. His name's Justin. He's two years older than her and South-African. "He's a big surfer and very cute. He's enthusiastic, never dull he enjoys life and I noticed that in this industry alot of people seem to be miserable all the time" What does she do with all the money? "I save it. I could buy a lot of unnecessary expensive stuff. But I don't feel comfortable doing that. The only expensive thing I've ever owned was a Chanel bag beautiful and very chic I forgot it in a taxi. You see luxury objects are not very important to me" Her clothes lie in the corner of the studio: jeans, boots a canvas bag a plaid shirt and a little leo-string. Emily drives us crazy. Ah thank you - very accurate translation! If anyone wants to know more about her, feel free to ask me as I know her, her family and friends really well (since she doesnt do many interviews...)
  8. WOW he doesn't have a thread? He's a so damn cute!
  9. From "Romeo Must Die"
  10. RUSSELL WONG Russell Girard Wong (born March 1, 1963) is an American actor and photographer, as well as the brother of actor/model Michael Wong. Known for playing in: What Women Want (2011) Unshakable (2010) The Sanctuary (2009) Dim Sum Funeral (2008) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) Stranglehold (2007) (video game) Undoing (2007) Honor (2006) Twisted (2003) Black Sash (2003) True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) (video game) Romeo Must Die (2000) Takedown (2000) The Prophecy II (1998) Vanishing Son (1994) The Joy Luck Club (1993) New Jack City (1991) China Cry: A True Story (1990) China Girl (1987) Unfortunately ladies, he's married (and he dated her for 20 years before marriage!) but hey, there's no harm in dreaming! I'll try to post some youtube videos later - he looks a hundred times better (and more charismatic and charming) in motion. Damn he's so fine.
  11. Yeah thats right, if anyone can read french can do a little translation on the Emily coverstory on this: would be spectacular. Thank you
  12. More from same source twitter.com/maybelline
  13. Is that you in your personal pic with Emily? Gahh why can't I be with you and just pal around with models all day? :p I am curious, how do you know Emily?

  14. Yeah Im pretty sure everyone, good at dancing or not, dances at parties...
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