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  1. She is an exquisite beauty! Wish her all the best More pics at http://flibrary.ru/open-talk/milanskiy-dnevnik-s-anastasiey-domor/
  2. Anastassia is in a process of launching her own website #Lifeofthemodel. She is working a lot on some cooking and workout videos. I personally would love to see where this will get her. Always inspiring to see the old-guard models to try something new Check her first workout video on her YOUTUBE channel. And for russian-speaking friends - her motivation speech
  3. Thank you guys for keeping this thread alive Too bad Ksusha isn't very popular on BZ. Don't get why - SHE IS GORGEOUS!
  4. You can see more here http://eugeniavolodina.fb5.ru/thumbnails.php?album=602
  5. I know Lakomka that you are not new Eugenia's fan and very huge fan! I adore your website about Zhenya . But some new people start to visit topic about Zhenya here so I'm happy 'bout that. And we - fans must try to keep Zhenya's topic alive here in Bellazon, 'cause to mee Eugenia is the best model ever! That's true So here is one of my absolutely fav half candid picture of Zhenya
  6. Yours words are very sweet Lakomka! I'm happy that I see more Eugenia's fans here! Thanks Nefertiti for pics! Well, it's not like I'm a new here, it's just we haven't much to contribute But I'm a fan. A huge fan =) Don't think any other model or celebrity in general could replace Zhenya for me PS: Glad you enjoyed our site
  7. forget_me_not thank you for making this thread alive Love the pics you posted and adore your avy
  8. Marie Claire France April 2009 scanned by jey47key
  9. And also voguelover can you tell us the name of Editorial and the photographer
  10. I just have to login to say huge THANKS to voguelover! The ed is stunning and the cover in HQ just took my breath away!
  11. Any news about Eugenia? Nothing new? It seems like she disappeared - I think it's a big lost to fashion.

  12. Thank you =)

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