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  1. Came here to say exactly this. Cintia literally had everything (and still does even in her 30s tbh) but they just dropped the fucking ball. Also agreeing that everything BUT her red hair (walk, personality, general modeling talent) is a reason to dislike Alexina. She just doesn't offer anything interesting and for sure has not paid her dues on the team to be elevated so quickly.
  2. The only thing I came away with: Shawn Mendes is so goddamn fine
  4. This might've been discussed already but... I just watched a clip of the opener from one of the tapings and Alexina stomped down the runway SO DAMN FAST she didn't even let Taylor finish with her (terrible) opening. Basically almost caused a traffic jam, Jo had to slow her already slower stride just waiting for Alexina to get out of the way. What a mess.
  5. Did I miss something? I thought Elsa had a great night and everyone here was really happy for her.
  6. Oh shit my girl Jo killed it with her first look!! Her walk was great, the outfit was actually flattering, and her body looks amazing (as usual). Also she was smiling a lot more during one taping versus the other one... Maybe she was just tired? Still feel like she seemed sad at times though.
  7. Holy Christ that song during the Tartan section.... MY EARS CAN'T SURVIVE
  8. Okay I'm REALLY glad someone else was noticing this. I hope that finale doesn't mean she's been demoted....all she's ever done for the brand is bust her ass and be supportive.
  9. Maybe it was just me.... There was video of her watching the "final 6" walk to the end of the runway and she looked over her shoulder in this weird left out way. She wasn't teeth smiling during her shameful parachute outfit either.
  10. TBH Jo looked sad and not right the entire show. Not a lot of folks on this forum like her but I feel some kind of way about how she was treated this year...
  11. You're welcome! Shawn is an actual human puppy cinnamon roll, I live to see girls flirting with him
  12. Jo should've refused to wear those goddamn pants.... **ETA: LAIS A GODDESS AS ALWAYS THO
  13. Sara got some sexy face time with Shawn Mendes I'M HAPPY FOR HER!
  14. Any news on Jo's second outfit??
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