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  1. (no idea who deserves credit for this gif)
  2. He's amazing in X-Men:First Class!
  3. The 2nd to last one is very pretty!
  4. Oh God, that website said I look like Don Johnson! Ugh! Don't use that website, my virus protection software said it's REALLY dangerous!
  5. I think it might have been a good decision to get rid of the GNTM-ageny...
  6. Marie Luise (also called Mary Lou) was one of the candidates of Germany's Next Topmodel 2011 and favorite of many fans due to her humor, her incapability to move and her pretty face...
  7. Who are your favorites? Personally, I love Marie Louise even though she doesn't know how to move her body. XD
  8. These guys are so adorable!
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