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  1. A habee b-day wish from The Joker.... why dont you celebrate !!! :shifty:

  2. I saw Knocked Up. It was really funny.
  3. lmao brenda said you smell

  4. Can someone give me an update on what happened on last night's episode? Someone was dictating my tv all night, so I missed it!
  5. Tonight's episode was AMAZING. I can't wait for next week's though.
  6. I did! For the most part anyway.
  7. One actually! For Americans anyway. I can't wait, being without this show has been torture. Sylar, for the win.
  8. I have heard that the symbol means love. I'm not positive though. It's a great tattoo. I have one like it.
  9. That was posted actually not that long ago.
  10. I love these. Where are they from?
  11. Wow, I love the XOXO ad. Where did it come from?
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