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  1. thank you for sharing ^^ god it's too hard to choose between him and Jensen Ackles. The both are hot
  2. thanks for sharing the photos she looks georgous like always
  3. the pando links are dead. could someone upload the victoria's secret fashion show from 2006 ? in avi will be great ! thanks in advance
  4. did someone have a like to download the victoria's secret fashion show from 2006 ? It will be great ! thanks in advance
  5. i believe yes by the way i added 2 icons from me
  6. i made some POTC avis feel free to use it
  7. hooow he's soo hooot thanks for the pics guys
  8. some pics this one credit to devoted
  9. the second is amazing what a shame that it is bad quality thanks MattLoveModels ps : i didn't see the photo in my quotes
  10. Thanks guys Persuazn i love your kit
  11. Sweet_Tabasco


    i can't believe it too i don't think they have a Sawyer/Jack relation actors and characters are two different things hard to explain what i'm thinking in english
  12. it's good to dream Jules but Tom is mine i never think that Hayden can be so hot it was a mistake
  13. Sweet_Tabasco


    Josh and Matthew are hot thanks for the photos You're right Jules... Sawyer si more sexy than Jack more "viril" like we say in french In France we've just seen 4 episodes from the season two... i'm still fan but what a shame that's Boone is dead
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