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  1. Biography from VH1.com Brit-pop got a new face in the new millennium thanks to the popularity of Coldplay, The Vines, and Doves. Oasis weren't exactly supreme kings anymore, therefore the Gallaghers didn't have much of a choice when making room for some these younger lads. The Music was a part of that fresh faced crowd and took the U.K. indie charts by storm in summer 2002. Comprised of schoolhood chums Stuart Coleman, Adam Nutter, Robert Harvey, and Phil Jordan, The Music emerged from the suburbs of Leeds in 1999. They were just teenagers at the time and practiced between studies and dinner time for the next two years. By early 2001, Radio 1 celebrity DJ Steve Lamacq hailed The Music as the "best unsigned in Britain." The raw, rock power of their demo "Take the Long Road and Walk It" started it all. Fierce Panda secured the album and released a limited edition 1,000 copies in May 2001. Hut Recordings England won a bidding war with The Music and released the band's debut EP You Might As Well Try to Fuck Me that same spring. NME touted The Music as "potentially the most important group since Oasis." The People EP appeared in spring 2002, and with the English press still a buzz, America attempted to capitalized on them as well. Capitol Records snatched The Music up in mid-2002. A self-titled full-length was scheduled for a September 2002 release in the U.K.; The Music arrived on American shores in February 2003. A month later, The Music hit the road with Coldplay for a two month run in the States.
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    Incubus to write scores for Al Merrick Surfing Documentary Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 November 2004: - - Having completed touring in support of its latest Epic album, "A Crow Left of the Murder," Incubus is turning its attention to Hollywood. The band will spend the first half of 2005 working on soundtrack material for the action film "Stealth," as well as the score for an as-yet-untitled documentary about legendary surfboard shaper Al Merrick. "This will be stuff that is largely out or character for us, which is exciting." The band is particularly excited to be working on the Merrick documentary, which "showcases his life but also the lives of the surfers who have ridden his boards. That's a holy grail for us. We're just a bunch of surfers playing music as a different form of expression" says frontman Brandon Boyd.
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    Dear Incubus Fans -- As 2004 comes to an end so does Incubus' A Crow Left of the Murder World Tour. After 126 dates in 33 different countries, Incubus will wrap up tonight in Loveland, CO on November 19th. However, lead singer Brandon Boyd has one more solo gig to perform. His encore takes place at the Queens Court House in New York later this month when he appears on a weapons charge for accidentally carrying a pocketknife through an airport security check. Brandon's judicial debut will be a hard ticket to come by for most. The band will play their final gig at KROQ's Annual Almost acoustic Christmas show at The Universal Amphitheatre on December 11th. A big thanks to the fans who are supporting this nonprofit event that will benefit Southern California Charities. In other Incu-news, Alive at Red Rocks hits stores everywhere on DVD this coming Tuesday, November 23. The package includes the band's electrifying performance at legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver along with studio recordings of "Pantomime" and "Follow" plus other rare bonus material. "Follow" also appears in the blockbuster XBOX game "Halo 2" which was just released on November 9th. The brand new epic track from Incubus entitled "The Odyssey" is featured on the Halo® 2: Original Soundtrack Volume One. The highly anticipated soundtrack was released on November 9 to US retail outlets through Nile Rodgers' Sumthing Else Music Works label.
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    random stories, this one is from the 18th i believe: Tour adds booking The rockers of Incubus are due to wrap their 126-date world tour tomorrow night in Colorado, but lead singer Brandon Boyd will be flying back to New York for one last gig on Monday. That's when he's due to appear in Queens County Court - where, we hear, he'll plead guilty to criminal possession of a weapon. Boyd was arrested in La Guardia Airport last month when security found a souvenir switchblade from Amsterdam in his carry-on bag. The crime carries a penalty of $1,000 fine or a year in jail. A rep for the singer, who spent three hours in a Port Authority cell, tells us he plans to bring his checkbook to court.
  5. JAMIE CULLUM: WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES It has been just a year since a 24 year old British singer, pianist, and songwriter Jamie Cullum played his first U.S shows at the Algonquin in New York, and what a year it's been. Marking what Downbeat called "the American debut of a major talent, a young man we will be hearing from for a long time," his album 'Twentysomething' has proven a hit with an unusually broad range of critics -- from four-star reviews in Mojo and People to the cover of Jazziz -- and has spent each of the past 27 weeks in the top 5 of Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Chart. "A natural showman with the confidence of a bantam rooster" (NY Times), Cullum continues to win over fans in concert at an unprecedented rate, moving from showcases to sold-out-weeks-in-advance headlining slots at venues from Irving Plaza to the Fillmore, and notching the Newport Jazz Festival's one-day CD sales record after a headlining slot this summer. Cullum's success has extended to television as well, with performances on the Today Show, Letterman, Leno, Kilborn, Kimmel, and Austin City Limits. Upcoming highlights for Cullum include his first ever DVD release (November 16) the debut of his second video -- a heartbreaking cover of Radiohead's "High And Dry" shot on a Brooklyn rooftop -- following up the success of the top 10 VH1 smash "All At Sea," plus a smattering of planned U.S. dates in November and December.
  6. EXPERIENCE JAMIE CULLUM LIVE WITH NEW DVD ON NOVEMBER 16TH Enhanced dual-disc version of 'twentysomething' also to be released On Tuesday, November 16, 2004, young jazz/pop sensation Jamie Cullum will release his first ever DVD, Live at Blenheim Palace (Verve/Universal). The deluxe package includes Cullum's 90-minute concert performance in front of 10,000 fans at the stunning British landmark, and adds special bonus features such as music videos, documentary features, and other rare footage. Most of the live songs showcased on the Live at Blenheim Palace DVD are taken from Cullum's breakthrough Verve/Universal debut recording, 'twentysomething'. Here he displays his trademark style, interpreting everything from standards such as "I Get a Kick Out of You" and "What a Difference a Day Made" to modern classics such as Radiohead's "High and Dry" and "Frontin'" by Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes. With equal panache, the self-taught musician presents original songs such as "These Are the Days" and "All at Sea." Live at Blenheim Palace also includes a number of bonus extras. Cullum's videos for "All at Sea," "These Are the Days," and "Wind Cries Mary" are viewable here, as are a segment on the making of the "Wind Cries Mary" video, Jamie's performance of Radiohead's "High and Dry" at Glastonbury, film of Jamie busking on the streets of San Francisco, and a previously unseen performance of his UK rarity, "I Want to Be a Popstar" from The Southbank TV show. Jamie Cullum's 'twentysomething' is fast approaching sales of two million copies worldwide and is certified Gold in Ireland, Norway, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand and double platinum in the UK. Additionally, a new dual-disc version of 'twentysomething' will be released in the US on Tuesday, November 23, 2004. The new two-sided format will include the full version of 'twentysomething' on the audio side. A video DVD side will hold added content including album-based artwork, a photo gallery, biography, album credits, the
  7. Cullum the next big thing in jazz Brit singer climbing the charts TORONTO -- He has outsold Pink, The Strokes and Radiohead to name just a few. He's played for England's royal family and met music's royalty Elton John and Quincy Jones. Teenagers from rural Wiltshire are not typically meant to be into jazz that is unless you are Jamie Cullum. In the U.K. this 23-year-old is the David Beckham of jazz or Frank Sinatra in sneakers. So you get the idea. The ladies really fancy him...they love him. In England it all happened quickly and manically -- a big TV show and suddenly the album was in the top ten over here in Canada and the U.S. It has steadily gone up the charts and the gigs are getting bigger. If you have been lucky enough to have discovered Cullum's sound you can understand why Universal/Verve signed him to a one million dollar deal. This is the biggest recording contract "ever" for a British jazz singer. For the record, when Jamie started out he wanted to be the next Kurt Cobain but fell hard for jazz. "I like to hear everything,
  8. Websites Official Jamie Cullum - Official Artist Page Verve Music Group - Label Site Unofficial Jamie Cullum - Fan Site Jamie Cullum Fan - Fanlisting Interview Jamie Cullum: Anything Goes British phenom is both jazz and pop. He explains five of the key covers on his new Twentysomething. Jamie Cullum is being heralded as one of jazz's key youngsters. But the British pianist, who tackles Radiohead and Jeff Buckley with as much ease as he does Cole Porter and Lerner/Loewe, isn't exactly steeped in the music's history. "I didn't grow up listening to jazz," says the 22-year-old. "Kurt Cobain was one of the first people that I really idolized. My first band had three guitars, two drummers and a guy with a Casio keyboard. How downtown New York is that?" As a teen, Cullum attended raves and emulated Nirvana. Listening to hip-hop clued him in on jazz, and his love of Ben Folds drew him to the piano. When he left university, his pizza restaurant gigs started attracting a big buzz. Suddenly, his album Twentysomething had sold over a million copies, and his version of Pharrell Williams' "Frontin'" was getting mad props from the Neptunes star himself. "I think our generation is used to hearing a lot of things brought to the table," Cullum says of his wide-ranging tastes. "Like a DJ Shadow record, where he's sampling everything from Gustav Mahler to Kraftwerk to the Velvet Underground. It's all being [presented] by someone I respect, so it must all be cool!" Twentysomething is indeed a glorious mishmash. "I Could Have Danced All Night" is funked up. "Singin' in the Rain" becomes a quiet storm jam, and Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary" gets sent to New Orleans. His swinging originals, with their lively word play, hold up well, too. Cullum's mulling over tackling PJ Harvey and Bjork for his next record, but in the meantime, he took VH1 on a tour of five cover tunes that make Twentysomething tick....[more]
  9. Biography from VH1.com At 24, Jamie Cullum might seem a little wet behind the ears to be revitalizing contemporary jazz. On the contrary. It is precisely because of his youth that the scruffy, self-taught British pianist/singer/songwriter can produce music to which both seasoned jazz fans and young pop aficionados have responded enthusiastically; Twentysomething, his major label debut, has made Jamie a star - setting records as the fastest-selling jazz debut in UK history, where it was certified Platinum in just six weeks. On Twentysomething, Jamie celebrates jazz and and retrofits standards to accommodate elements of the music he grew up with, from rock to rap to drum & bass. Just as gracefully, he recasts the works of contemporary luminaries like Radiohead and Jeff Buckley with a harmonic vocabulary he learned picking through old Gershwin tunes. But this young upstart has drawn raves as more than just an interpreter with a slate of originals, both by Jamie and his older brother, Ben, that draw upon, and reflect, the experiences of his own generation...[more] Discography Pointless Nostalgic [cover photo] Release date: 07.29.03 Label: Candid Records 01. You and the Night and the Music 02. I Can't Get Started 03. Devil May Care 04. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 05. Pointless Nostalgic 06. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 07. Well You Needn't 08. It Ain't Necessarily So 09. High and Dry 10. Too Close for Comfort 11. A Time for Love 12. Lookin' Good 13. I Want to Be a Popstar Twentysomething [cover photo] Release date: 05.11.04 Label: Verve 01. These Are the Days 02. Twentysomething 03. Wind Cries Mary 04. All at Sea 05. Lover, You Should've Come Over 06. Singin' in the Rain 07. I Get a Kick Out of You 08. Blame It on My Youth 09. High and Dry 10. It's About Time 11. But for Now 12. I Could Have Danced All Night 13. Next Year, Baby 14. What a Diff'rence a Day Made 15. Frontin' Photographs With Joss Stone and the singer of Keane from VH1 Inside Tracks Concert Performing at VH1 Inside Tracks Concert Performing at VH1 Inside Tracks Concert
  10. Websites Official Gavin DeGraw - Official Site Gavin @ J Records - Label Site Gavin Street Team - Official Street Team Gavin Sounds - Gavin Sounds Unofficial Gavin DeGraw - More Than a Memory - Fansite Gavin DeGraw - Gavin @ VH1 Interview Gavin DeGraw: Songs in the Key of G Billy Joel and Carly Simon inspire a new piano man whose voice will give you goosebumps. Guide the careers of Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, and Whitney Houston, and you
  11. Biography from VH1.com Singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw grew up playing music at home with piano studies beginning at eight and later playing in cover bands with his older brother in upstate New York. After a brief stint studying music at the prestigious Berklee School of Music, DeGraw, who had been writing his own songs since his cover band days, decided to make a go of it as a singer/songwriter in New York City. Upon his arrival in the late '90s, DeGraw made an impression with crowds, and occasionally with journalists, as his name began to pop up in columns and best-of lists. The steady buzz led to offers from major labels, but DeGraw chose to take his time, and let his craft develop and his audience grow. He eventually signed a record deal with Clive Davis and his J Records imprint (home of Santana as well as R&B mainstays Alicia Keys and Angie Stone). DeGraw's debut, Chariot, arrived in the summer of 2003 and, like his early days in New York City, it slowly built momentum and earned the young singer a small but fervent following. Discography Chariot [cover photo] Release date: 07.22.03 Label: J Records 01. Follow Through 02. Chariot 03. Just Friends 04. (Nice to Meet You) Anyway 05. Chemical Party 06. Belief 07. Crush 08. I Don't Want to Be 09. Meaning 10. More Than Anyone 11. Over-Rated Chariot (Bonus CD) [cover photo] Release date: 07.27.04 Label: J Records DISC 1 01. Follow Through 02. Chariot 03. Just Friends 04. (Nice to Meet You) Anyway 05. Chemical Party 06. Belief 07. Crush 08. I Don't Want to Be 09. Meaning 10. More Than Anyone 11. Over-Rated DISC 2 12. Follow Through [*] 13. Chariot [*] 14. Just Friends [*] 15. (Nice to Meet You) Anyway [*] 16. Chemical Party [*] 17. Belief [*] 18. Crush [*] 19. I Don't Want to Be [*] 20. Meaning [*] 21. More Than Anyone [*] 22. Over-Rated [*] 23. Change Is Gonna Come [Encore] [*] Photographs
  12. Biography from MarcBroussard.com t
  13. Cody ChesnuTT Becomes Top Independent Artist With His 2-CD Set, The Headphone Masterpiece It
  14. Cody ChesnuTT MTV You Hear It First March 30, 2002 How do you catch the ear of buzz bin faves like Nelly Furtado, the Roots and the Strokes? If you're up-and-comer Cody Chesnutt, it takes a little '60s rock and soul, a bit of dirty South hip-hop, a hint of British new wave and a whole lot of talent. The 32-year-old Atlanta native blends those sounds on his debut album, The Headphone Masterpiece, which finds him writing, producing and playing every instrument on the LP. Chesnutt been mastering his skill set for years and started playing live back in 1983, when at the age of 13 he began opening shows for bands managed by his father. Some 15 years later, he landed a record deal of his own with his band, Crosswalk. Instead of being the beginning of something wonderful, the deal almost proved to be the end, as chesnutt almost hung it up two years ago. "You got all these dreams you've built up just for those two words: 'record deal.' All of the sudden, you go to the record company and without hesitation, they pull out the rug." Dropped by his label, and ultimately his band, Chesnutt withdrew to what he calls his "sonic promised land"
  15. Discography The Headphone Masterpiece Label: Ready Set Go! Released: 01.01.02 DISC 1 01. Magic in a Mortal Minute 02. With Me in Mind 03. Upstarts in a Blowout 04. Boylife in America 05. B****, I'm Broke 06. Serve This Royalty 07. The Seed 08. Enough of Nothing 09. Setting the System 10. The Most Beautiful Shame 11. Smoke and Love 12. Michelle 13. No One Will 14. Batman vs. Blackman 15. Up in the Treehouse 16. Can't Get No Betta' 17. She's Still Here 18. Can We Teach Each Other 19. The World Is Coming to My Party 20. Brother With an Ego 21. War Between the Sexes 22. The Make Up 23. Out of Nowhere DISC 2 24. Family on Blast 25. My Women, My Guitars 26. Somebody's Parent 27. When I Find Time 28. Eric Burdon 29. Juicin' the Dark 30. On a Joyride 31. Daylight 32. So Much Beauty in the Subconscious 33. Daddy's Baby 34. If We Don't Disagree 35. Looking Good in Leather 36. 6 Seconds
  16. Biography from VH1.com The common life just wasn't enough for soul singer Cody ChesnuTT. In 1992, after working as a long-distance operator, he left his day job to make his dream in music come true. It would be another ten years until they were fully realized, but the trek made ChesnuTT the musician he is today. ChesnuTT began tinkering with the guitar in his early teens in his native Atlanta. His father was a manager of several local bands. This, in turn, opened doors and by age 13 he was playing shows. By his late 20s, he founded the band Crosswalk and was a skillful guitar player. A major-label deal was in the works, but everything fell short for ChesnuTT. The new millennium, however, proved golden. He hibernated in his bedroom, a homemade studio he nicknamed the Sonic Promiseland and began recording. What amassed from those personal sessions was a 36-track double-disc entitled The Headphone Masterpiece. ___________________________________ Biography from CodyChesnuTT.com Cody ChesnuTT (with two capital T's please) was beginning to live the life every struggling musician dreams about. His band The Crosswalk was signed to Hollywood Records and had completed a debut album VENUS LOVES A MELODY when, without warning, disaster struck. Victims of political label treachery, The Crosswalk was sent packing and ChesnuTT's band abandoned him like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Down, but by no means out, Cody retreated to the comfort of his bedroom studio the Sonic Promiseland. Alone and armed with an array of instruments, one microphone and a 4-track, a project of epic proportions evolved. This informal, lo-tech setting allowed the Atlanta-native to capture the honest passion of his creative energy. He emerged with his "Musical Diary" THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE. As the title implies the album was produced to give the listener a parallel experience with the one Cody had while recording and mixing all of the songs through SONY MDR-7506's. A sprawling masterwork of genre-defying nuggets reminiscent of the golden age of pop radio, THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE is a musical/performance art showpiece unlike any other. From sweet 60's soul to first wave British invasion to dirty south hip hop and post-modern dream pop, THE HEADPHONE MASTERPIECE is an evolution of Cody's life experiences, influences and creativity. Cody's blistering live show has earned him a loyal following amongst his fellow artists and invitations to perform with Macy Gray, Saul Williams, Res and The (Legendary) Roots. The Roots' upcoming album PHRENOLOGY (MCA) features Cody collaborating with the band on their version of his song "The Seed." Cody also produced and co-wrote two songs on SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT, the debut album by Epic Records Artist Rehab.
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    Incubus Volume 2 Release Date : 12/11/2001 Concert Tracklist 01.New Skin 02.Privilege 03.Favorite Things 04.Vitamin 05.Pardon Me 06.The Warmth 07.Make Yourself 08.Calgone 09.When it Comes 10.Redefine Features -7 music videos -4 songs unplugged -4 songs live in chicago -behind the scenes on the 'drive' and 'stellar' music videos -incubus slot machine -more random behind the scenes footage on tour -'a virtually unlimited amount of crap' The Morning View Sessions Release Date : 05/28/2002 Concert Tracklist 01.Stellar 02.Glass 03.Circles 04.The Warmth 05.Mexico 06.Drive 07.Warning 08.New Skin 09.Just A Phase 10.Nice To Know You 11.Wish You Were Here Features -photo gallery -behind the scenes footage -'wish you were here' original music video -the making of the 'wish you were here' video -many 'morning view session' random video bits filmed while making the MV record Alive at Red Rocks Release Date : 11/23/2001 Concert Tracklist 01.Megalomaniac 02.Nice To Know You 03.Idiot Box 04.Just A Phase 05.Priceless 06.Beware! Criminal 07.Wish You Were Here 08.Here In My Room 09.Drive 10.Vitamin 11.Pistola 12.Stellar 13.Made For TV Movie 14.Talk Shows On Mute 15.Sick Sad Little World 16.A Certain Shade Of Green 17.Pantomime 18.The Warmth 19.Pardon Me Features -bonus cd with 5 unreleased tracks -5 unreleased concert visuals -photo gallery -backstage footage -soundcheck footage -show day -hardcore fans -more
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    Incubus' series of live bootlegs have been/will be released from various concerts around the world over the course of their 2004 world tour. All proceeds from the sale of these Bootlegs will go to the Make Yourself Foundation. Live At Lollapalooza 2003 01.Warning 02.Nice to Know You 03.Make Yourself 04.The Warmth 05.Stellar 06.Circles 07.Vitamin 08.Battlestar* 09.Nebula 10.Pistola 11.Are You In? 12.Nowhere Fast 13.Wish You Were Here *featuring DJ Cut Chemist and DJ NuMark from Jurassic 5 Live In Japan 2004 Disc One 01.Megalomaniac 02.A Crow Left of the Murder 03.Warning 04.Consequence 05.Idiot Box 06.Nowhere Fast 07.Just a Phase 08.Priceless 09.Wish You Were Here 10.Pantomime 11.Here in my Room Disc Two 01.Pistola 02.Circles 03.Vitamin 04.Clean 05.Talk Shows on Mute 06.A Certain Shade of Green 07.Sick Sad Little World 08.Pardon Me Live In Sweden 2004 Disc One 01. Megalomaniac 02. A Crow Left Of The Murder 03. Warning 04. Idiot Box 05. Just A Phase 06. Priceless 07. Wish You Were Here 08. Pantomine 09. Here In My Room 10. Drive Disc Two 01. Pistola 02. Crowded Elevator 03. Vitamin 04. The Warmth 05. Talk Shows On Mute 06. A Certain Shade Of Green 07. Sick Sad Little World 08. Bass Solo 09. Are You In? Live In Malaysia 2004 Disc One 01. Megalomaniac 02. A Crow Left Of The Murder 03. Warning 04. Consequence 05. Idiot Box 06. Just A Phase 07. Priceless 08. Wish You Were Here 09. Pantomime 10. Here In My Room Disc Two 01. Pistola 02. Circles 03. Vitamin 04. Clean 05. Talk Shows On Mute 06. A Certain Shade Of Green 07. Sick Sad Little World 08. Bass Solo 09. Are You In?
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    Fungus Amongus Released November 1, 1995 01.You Will Be a Hot Dancer 02.Shaft! 03.Trouble in 421 04.Take Me to Your Leader 05.Medium 06.Speak Free 07.The Answer 08.Psychopsilocybin 09.Sink Beneath the Line 10.Hilikus Enjoy Incubus EP Released January 7, 1997 01.You Will Be a Hot Dancer 02.Shaft 03.Take Me to Your Leader 04.Version 05.Azwethinkweiz 06.Hilikus S.C.I.E.N.C.E Released September 9, 1997 01.Redefine 02.Vitamin 03.New Skin 04.Idiot Box 05.Glass 06.Magic Medicine 07.A Certain Shade of Green 08.Favorite Things 09.Antigravity Love Song 10.Nebula 11.Deep Inside 12.Calgone Make Yourself Released October 26, 1999 01. Privilege 02. Nowhere Fast 03. Consequence 04. The Warmth 05. When It Comes 06. Stellar 07. Make Yourself 08. Drive 09. Clean 10. Battle Star 11. I Miss You 12. Pardon Me 13. Out From Under When Incubus Attacks EP Released August 22, 2000 01. Pardon Me (Acoustic) 02. Stellar (Acoustic) 03. Make Yourself (Acoustic) 04. Crowded Elevator 05. Favorite Things (Live) 06. Pardon Me (Live) Morning View Released October 23, 2001 01.Nice to Know You 02.Circles 03.Wish You Were Here 04.Just A Phase 05. 11AM 06.Blood On The Ground 07.Mexico 08.Warning 09.Echo 10. Have You Ever 11.Are You In 12.Under My Umbrella 13. Aqueous Transmission A Crow Left of the Murder Released February 3, 2004 01. Megalomaniac 02. A Crow Left of the Murder 03. Agoraphobia 04. Talk Shows on Mute 05. Beware! Criminal 06. Sick, Sad Little World 07. Pistola 08. Southern Girl 09. Priceless 10. Zedeveel 11. Made for TV Movie 12. Smile Lines 13. Here in My Room 14. Leech
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