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  1. Obsessed


    I've been a fan of Adri for over 10 years too and I would say that is her, for sure! The eyes are right. The eyebrows are right. The nose is hers. The ears... I would say they match. The hair is right, the lips are right. The forehead is right. The facial outline is right. That is her dudes. If that's not her that is her best look-a-like I have ever seen.
  2. Totally agree well said
  3. My opinion is, if you aren't the photographer or the subject in question, Adriana, I would prefer you did not tag the picture at all.
  4. Hope to see more pics of her pregnant! Like the ones of her in the black dress. Kinda increases her sexiness in a way. Will her boobs increase in size before or after delivery? For suckling? Not sure how it works xD Yours sincerely, A large boobs lover.
  5. Obsessed


    Thx Sheeb that is cool it does seem to zoom in and out and stuff. I downloaded the 720p version it was 3.6 GB LOL, just need to find the loop point cuz I'm not keeping an almost 4Gb video. God bless High Definition and beautiful, sweet hearted women (waving flags)
  6. There is a fragrance 'Nothing' by VS? I'm jk I totally agree with the essence of what you are saying. Get it essence!!! hahah I'm on form today.
  7. Nice! Where did you get the middle pic in your sig from MissLimaVzla, was it HQ? Can you post? I didn't get that from the backstage set so I searched candids here and Limafans Blogspot and elsewhere but I can't find that pic ;/^
  8. Obsessed


    wwww wwwwwwa 3500x2333px ... omgosh I just died! Superb!
  9. Obsessed


    Check it out Marko has iphone4 Then again who doesn't? On the bigger version you can see the apple logo clearly. I was gonna say man his hand is huge but actually my hand covers the phone the same and you know what they say about hand size? That's right the bigger the hand the bigger the gloves you need. He should play bball.
  10. Total agree, why do they photoshop her so much that she looks like someone different? That's a photoshop fail imo. To correct I think she needs more shadow underneath her eyes and looser eyebrows, and probably more lol I'm not even gonna save that picture as some Victoria Secret college recruit ruined it.
  11. Nah I don't agree with what you said there - that is super fussy. You can just right-click open in new tab/window from the blog. If you want them on an image hosting site, you upload them yourself, although giselle will probably oblige, luvvage <3. What you probably meant was, give us the direct link to each individual image on your blog, cuz I'd rather not look at and/or deal with the loading lag of your blog, err, please.
  12. Obsessed


    lmao, lingerie, swimwear, and whats the third one Victoria Secret sell? Oh yeahhh!! Beauty products duhh! She said all the right things though lovely video, thanks 102.
  13. Obsessed


    lol the nose ring on the bottom pic. Isn't it remarkable how they all make her look like a Spanish Conquistador from the 16th Century.
  14. wooooowwwww! I'm a big fan of curley hair... major fan, so I like these pics, but I do think straight hair suits her better. Or to be more precise straight hair that's slightly wavy with a hint of curl is like, BAM on Adriana.
  15. The eyes are goood! Hair and dress are ridiculous fashion though Is that gold and silver top/bottom eyeliner then yellow eyeshadow done a little sloppily with her bluey-green eyes, black mascara and brown eyebrows its funky <3
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