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  1. New Moon for BEAUTY magazine January 2010 [Fashion Served]
  2. That's probably why she left her agency. You can find more professional looking pix of hers at castimages-europe.com
  3. I found out what her full name is some time ago but forgot to post XP It's Alina Volkanova and I think she's 20yrs old. Here are a few screen shots of her from the Top model contest she recently entered:
  4. <_< I think everyday is starving day for anja...you can't get THAT skinny from just one day of starving...
  5. lulu82


    Ready for Halloween (source Twitter)
  6. lulu82


    Got it from some blog i think 'Acid. ...?' and they stated her as Rebecca, Irish model So does anybody recognise her?
  7. I asked The director of Rossmodels who also took some of these pix i think, about her, and he said that she left the agency cause they couldn't agree on things =/ but when i asked him which agency she works with now, he ignored.
  8. lol true. Do u know how old she is? she looks really young... I don't know how old she is now but in the pix with shorter hair and no highlights i think she was 15 cause those pix were in Rossmodels too and they had her at 15 then but this must've been like 3-5 years ago so i'm guessing she's 18-20 now. Not really sure though.
  9. 2 pics for today...again if anybody else can download 2 150kbs a day we can post more here
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