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  1. Now, that is what I call beauty. I have only a few photos of her and unfortunately they're just from her VS work (I much prefer her "tamer" modeling work in which her astonishing face is front and center--VS obviously focused more on her body, which certainly was amaazing). I'll post what I have soon. -Bubba
  2. Hi 66Lucy, Excellent idea! I don't have many photos of her, and any photo of her I see is a photo I like. What I have, I'll share. -Bubba
  3. Hi, I don't have those images yet, so yes, please do scan and upload them! I'd love to see the rest of what sort of look they went for there (and thanks). -Bubba
  4. Yep, that's she, alright. Those are some of the earliest modeling photos I've seen of her; the very earliest is from 1980. It seems her modeling career only lasted until around 1990 though, which is a shame. -Bubba
  5. You bet. Her name is Maylen Pierce. She is my favorite model from that era or any: I think she is simply gorgeous. Why she didn't become a mega-supermodel, I cannot fathom. -Bubba
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