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  1. Brenna


    ^ That dress is gorgeous!
  2. Hai guise! I know this is a repost but I was wondering which page this set is on in the thread? I wanted to show some friends the entire spread. Thanks! Image: http://www.mediawatch.com/gallery/main.php..._serialNumber=2
  3. I would be so totally gay for her. I love that they finally put her hair back to normal! She looks much younger and more vibrant like her usual self. Thanks for posting, cerousley xoxo
  4. Brenna


    She is looking absolutely radiant in these new candids! Thanks a bunch to everyone.
  5. ok? lol, why does this thread always have to get so serious? just post pictures. I don't know...just saying is all.
  6. Brenna

    Eating Disorder

    What kind of society are we living in when young girls think Naomi, Christy, and Cindy have "normal women's bodies"? :-\
  7. low. lol! Also, when people speculate about plastic surgery, it is NOT necessarily intended to be insulting!! When I thought Adri had a breast augmentation, it wasn't because she "couldn't possibly be pretty naturally", because... of course she's pretty naturally! I just thought... her boobs were made bigger through science. I don't think so anymore but that is beside the point. Many people in the entertainment industry get work done, and it's not considered a bad thing.
  8. Arg... she looks so pretty but I wish she wouldn't tilt her head down and open her mouth for every picture.
  9. Sweet! Makes sense. Her taste in men is strange.
  10. I don't know who this is but she has a gorgeous Lolita-esque beauty about her.
  11. Adriana Lima, Veronika Zemanova, and Hiroko Sato.
  12. BTW sheebshaq that model is very beautiful!!
  13. Adriana looks kind of like a lot of people, but no one looks exactly like her (like everyone else!). Doesn't formatting the styles of every post get tiring ever? jk!
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