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  1. This is the most accurate post I've seen here.
  2. I've been away for a long while and decided to catch up on Candice. God... What have I done being away?! Some women get older looking kinda weird, some women get boring as time goes by and one woman get to be Candice Swanepoel. I fell in love again! :wub2: Thank you guys for always giving us Candice! And badboy, i've seen your post here. Wish ALL THE BEST IN THE WORLD, man! Miss you!
  3. To me, on the second picture from this @themermaidfiles instagram account, it is Ashley Louise Perich. http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/33326-ashley-perich/
  4. It's unbelievable how I can NEVER fall out of love with Candice and I have never been disappointed. Actually, she just amazes me more and more. She is definitely the most beautiful ever. EVER. Thanks, everyone, for always giving us Candice (By the way, everytime Candice is in Rio, I'm somewhere else. STOP RUNNING AWAY FROM ME, CANDICE! :persuazn: ) badboy
  5. Do you guys sometimes see these videos and think "my God... I've been watching her for such a long time and back then no papparazzi would even know her whole name, now she can even walk alone..."? Well, it is amazing to see her at the top like that
  6. I have to disagree, I think she looks so new and different. It is so nice to see them wearing new hair and make up, it was always the same old same... I like it! And her out and about look...
  7. This catalog... I am not into women sexually but I have to admit Hermann is the luckiest person alive. Damn...
  8. Better late than ever, happy new year, badboy Happy new year to us all and let this be a f*cking awesome year for Candice!
  9. So that is the big news???? :dance: I happen to love that idea!!!
  10. ^ Indeed I guess we can all agree this has been the best year for her so far. I'm proud to have been watching her grow for years and achieving perfection.
  11. Yay, she is in Brazil! What a beautiful and peaceful place... I wonder where it is. Thanks, people! badboy
  12. I loooove her with this modern mermaid hair + surfer look... It suits her so well.
  13. This has been, BY FAR, my favorite year with shoots VSFS related. She is looking the best EVER and she has TOTAL control of her poses by now. AMAZING. Thanks, everyone! Any one know where I can find a link for the VSFS in HD? But a real HD, not one that says it is. badboy
  14. 1:00 am and I wake up early tomorrow, but I'm waiting
  15. I'm here everyday to see what's new with Candice and I just wanna thank you all, specially Laura, for giving us updates as soon as they are released. You guys are amazing! And... ONE DAY to be :shock: in front of the screen!!!!
  16. I meant "all by herself" about family. She may be friends with them, but everybody wants to feel like someone is there JUST for them... I know she is confident and all, so she was just fine, but I'm too sentimental
  17. Oh Then I'm not happy about Candice being by herself
  18. I wonder that also and it seems that not only Hermann but also nobody else from like family was there. But what about the other girls, were their boyfriends there? Or relatives?
  19. And about the nose... That doesnt look like an injury. I have that same line, it is just a wrinkle. And my nose is small, hers is a little bigger, it is even easier to get a line wrinkle
  20. Thank you so so so much for your "work", people, you are awesome! Seeing all these pics just makes so excited! I think Adriana was right, this is a BIG show, maybe the biggest. You can see that by the scenario, it has been a long time since they went this far with the production and everything. And I believe these have been the best backstage pictures ever. Not only Candice is more confident than she has ever been, but the the quality, the variety, they are shinning in a different and special way. It has got to be London being... London
  21. That cleavage... But I have to agree, I wouldn't have chosen that hairdo.
  22. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. STOP THIS MADNESS. CAN'T TAKE THIS WOMAN ANYMORE. OMG!!!!!!!!!! The one with Doutzen and this one probably from the Fairy Tale... OMG! Keep them coming, please!
  23. ^ Thank you! On this list, Brazil would air it on TNT, but I don't think it will be live... I'll check, thanks!
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