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  1. aww thats so sad. im hope natasha's feeling ok.
  2. ok now i see. i love this video!! its now my second fav. vid. thank you
  3. Sahara i love your avi. where is it from? a commercial?
  4. OMG the gucci ads.. :woot: so how much exactly did i miss.
  5. Hi!!! Okay lang naman ako! ;p How about you?

  6. dianne havent talk to you in forever. how are you.

  7. hello angel. kumusta?

  8. Heroes :woot: i fkn love this show. OMG its sooooo good now.
  9. Heroes :woot: i fkn love this show. OMG its sooooo good now.
  10. too bad yau didnt win. i wanted him to,. but its was either yau or earl. imo yau is one of the best players in survivor
  11. i hope natasha wins. bc she's more entertaining. ahhaha but she prolly wont.
  12. ahah this took me a while. ahaha thanx for all new pics nd vids guys
  13. so just wanted to stop by nd say I LOVE MIRANDA'S NEW VS COMMERCIAL. love that aussie accent
  14. which show? nd thank you crazy pippers for the pictures love the ones at the top of this page. havent seen those before
  15. yes finally that b*tch is gone. hated her
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