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  1. Welcome hun! Love to see lots more Bar fans for me to chat with! :))) I also love your avatar and signiture! :D

  2. welcome! :wave:

    nice to see more Bar fans! :)))

  3. it's my first post in this topic, but during the last weeks i read a lot (here!) about Bar. i've found the video to gntm with her: http://www.myvideo.de/watch/6292999/Tipps_...s_next_Topmodel she's amazaing
  4. Thanks, she is beautiful. (: More pictures:
  5. Beautiful Pics. I like the first one of the WildFox SS 01 <3 Thank you for sharing and the good quality, it's not easy to find.
  6. Really? The mos part I like is her face. Sometimes she reminds me of Kayla Ewell. I Don't know anything about her age, can't find it. But I know: She starts her career with 17 years. Maybe anybody else?
  7. She is amazing Pictures from the Maxim Shooting Source: http://www.maxim.com/amg/girls/girls-of-ma...4/bar-paly.html
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