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  1. I wish there was something valuable I Qould Qontribute for this very special model in her thread, however, everything seems to be updated. :)

    I'm glad to see that my girl is still in tip top shape and still serving it after all these years.



    Okay i remember for a physics test or something related to the science field, i had to write the 3 different types of rays.

    I did not really get sleep the night before and ended up sleeping at 5am and leaving the house at 7am to be in sch by 7.30am.

    So for that question, one of the answers i wrote while trying to stay awake was, "Gemma Ward Rays" when it was supposed to be gamma rays!

    Later down that same test, i started feeling sleepy again... so there was this question about some gas chemical thingy... my answer was butane but i wrote inguna butane... ><

    My teacher who was marking was laughing (he didn't know who they were) but he kept cracking up while he was marking. LOL.

  3. I'll post tomorrow a pic of my nails :laugh: so you guys can see what I mean about the love for my current nail color :wub:
    P.S. Genta, i got an iphone 3GS ;)

    great :woot:

    oQay, maQe sure they don't get chipped. ;)

    YEAH, IKR! :woot::clap:

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