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  1. Thank you all for the articles pictures and news clips . Its always such a treasure coming on here. Thats a great article Oxford, love it
  2. Thanks for your answer Barbie In other news l see Tobey Maguire has joined Leo and the boys according to Daily Mail however we dont see Leo so it could be Jen he's joining not Leo and the guys but just thought i'd mention it.
  3. l wont believe it till theres some form of confirmation or we start seeing him with other models. Can anyone remember if it was the same with Toni Garrn. Was there ''news'' that he split from Toni Garrn or was he just seen spotted out with other women and that confirmed the break up. l cant remember its hard keeping up with Leos love life. l know he doesnt like to publicly comment on his love life but usually we hear something dont we?
  4. Thanks Ox, Fash, Jade, Kat and Barbie for all the pics and news and updates Loving Leo in his sexy baseball cap. It makes him look younger. Takes a few years off him even though he still looks young for 41 l have to wait till Jan 15th before l get to see the Revenant
  5. Thanks Ox, Fash, Barbie Ms Linz and Leo Lover for all the great updates
  6. Leo is in St Barts. There are pics of him in The daily mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3375836/Putting-best-foot-forward-Leonardo-DiCaprio-shops-casual-sneakers-getaway-St-Barts.html Sorry forgotten how to post pics lol
  7. l wonder if Leo will make it to 2million instagram followers by the end of the year. Either way it's growing nice and steadily considering he never posts anything personal
  8. Barbie the grey suit Leo was wearing was in the video you posted By the way all these pictures of Leo in suits is starting to make me drool Thank you Barbie, Jade, Ms linz, Oxford, Fash, Katchitup and Leo lover for all the news pics updates and video clips. Sorry if l've forgotten to thank anyone
  9. Thank you all for the pictures and videos l think you guys have your wish. Leo wearing a grey suit in the interview about the Revenant
  10. No l cant either But thank you everyone for the updates. Exciting times ahead
  11. Oh boy He's hot Thanks Jade. Blood Diamond is one of my favourite movies
  12. Wow all this news is great Thanks for all the updates news and pics You guys are the best
  13. l'd love to see pics of Leo bowling in those funny bowling shoes
  14. Thanks Oxford for the Revenant news Wish Leo would go back to baseball caps. Never been a fan of news boy caps. Thanks for picture Barbie
  15. Leos so animated with his hands whilst telling that paparazzi story.
  16. l like the bit where he said he had to ''bottle the fan boy'' , when around Leo
  17. l know some people liked the beard but l was never a fan. It made him look a bit more rugged :brows: but smooth faced Leo is my favourite perhaps even with a bit of stubble.
  18. Thanks Kat . Leo looks happy in most of those pics. Love to see Leo like that. Chilled and relaxed
  19. Aaaahhhh sweet of her to say. Never heard any of Leos exes say bad things about him
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