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  1. I hope that new drama she's in, 'If in Love, Like Them', does better than her previous one, Three Leaf Clover. It wasn't that great, but hopefully she'll show some better acting talents.
  2. Thanks for the pics, I saw them at another forum, but they weren't a big. I think she realeased a new single on the 21st, but I'm not too sure. But I have heard that she'll be making a 'comeback' in the music industry soon.
  3. Your welcome I was really excited when I heard about, and I've ordered online already! This is the first single or album I've ever bought of hers.
  4. Yeah same with Koda Kumi, I'm not as big of a fan as I've used to be, but sometimes it's just not necessary for someone to go out of their way just to bash a singer.
  5. Here's this little blend I made from some candids:
  6. Wow, thanks Sahara. Gorgeous pics. I think I may just go make a wallpaper or sig..
  7. Here's the music video for her latest single, Baby Don't Cry
  8. ^ I know how you feel, I get that alot when I talk about her on Asian music forums.
  9. She reminds me of someone, or more like a mixture of a few people, just can't think of who.
  10. I'm still trying to gether the rest of the 'Style' pics since my internet connection has been down. But she will have a new single released soon "Baby Don't Cry." I've heard a radion rip of this song, and I loved it!
  11. Yeah I couldn't help but laugh the first time, but it did look rather painful.
  12. Thanks, Emilia, I never saw that full set before.
  13. I don't think I've seen her with that hair color. But she's one of my new favorites, for sure.
  14. Here's an image of the Live Style 2006 Tour book, and a touching message to her late mother: How I wish from the bottom of my heart, that we could have shared this 15th anniversary with you by my side, and wished that you could have witnessed this memorable performance and experienced the moment together. I will sing and hope that my songs will reach you. To My Beloved Mother With love.. from my heart. ~ R.I.P~ Credit - Amurox I'll try to post more of the gorgeous set from this book.
  15. Wow, those are gorgeous and wonderful quality. Thank you!
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