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  1. It's true that everything in this girl from her tatoos_coz she has 3 of them_ to her ratty hair extensions is so trashy,and her porn like photoshoots and video are even trashier.
  2. ^ you just read my mind i do find it odd that laurent meri is living with them. And it's completely obvious that she is using chico to promote herself, honestly she's trying too hard and it's starting to get old. Chico needs to realise that even though he may love her, she just using him to get to the top, which lets face it, she'll never get there.
  3. I have to say that I enjoy reading chico and jag tumblr because it's really funny.The way jag promote herself and the way she makes chico promote her and her skanky porn like photoshoots.She's blowing her cover really and people are gonna realize how much of a phony she is.When I saw one of her post this morning which was a gif saying "you mean the world to me",I was like of course since he's your freaking cash cow and you can't get a job without his work connections.Actually my first reaction when I saw the gif was laughing so hard that i almost peed myself. I gotta say the thing that makes me lol the most is that Laurent Meri guy,who is chico and jag's bff.He's always with them,all the time.Strangely enough,that guy is jag ex boyfriend and he's like completely obssessed with her.I bet they've been screwing behind chico's back this whole time.
  4. There are many pretty faces that don't reach the top! You heard that someone said ... It's all rumors! And you talk a lot about Francisco's life! I think it would be nice if you publish something about his work! A rumor coming from someone who works and talks to models,yeah right!And I'm done publishing anything about his work.Did that in the past but it's too much work and I'm way to lazy to do it.
  5. On the contrary, I think Francisco is very smart! He knows how to manage his public image; that's why he became top model! And as for his girlfriend: he knows what he is doing! He became a top model becoz he's damn pretty and graceful but I'm sorry to break it to you,the boy is like mentally challenged.A lot of people who met him did say that about him.I talked to a photographer from Milan and a lot of male models do think he's pretty damn stupid.
  6. I was thinking the same thing today.That in few years from now he won't be the it model anymore and that since he's quite limited intellectually i doubt he'll be able to go to a good school and therefore have a great job.Of course,his girlfriend is using him and yes i also hope he's being very careful with his money.
  7. Or someone who doesn't use him to get back her career like Jessian does.I'm sorry but that girl is really nasty and it's so obvious that she's been using him for the benefit of her career.When she met him,her career was gone and since she's been with him,she got signed with Why Not Milan and Ford Europe.Her last shoots was with prestigious photographers.Nobody seem to notice that.
  8. Of course,that rumor is fake.I'm actually laughing at people who believed that load of crap in the first place..
  9. ^ It's not from this year.I'm pretty sure those pix are 2/3 years old.
  10. Good for him indeed but seems like being a supermodel can have downsides like this creepy delusional stalker Andrea Puccio.I feel sorry for Marlon coz that Andrea guy seems to be a real psycho.
  11. I totally agree with you on this whole private pictures leaking.Those kind of pix shouldn't be leaked.What I was trying to say is that I don't think littleanne90 meant to do any wrong.She just saw those pix on tumblr or on a facebook fanpage and may have thought that since they're public now that she could post it here.The people that should be blamed are the friends of Chico that leaked those pictures in the first place.Because one has to have access to his facebook account to leak them,therefore they must be friends of Chico.
  12. Actually,those pictures have been all over tumblr for quite some time,except the halloween ones that are recent.
  13. Awww,his favourite actress is Jen Aniston.That makes me like him even more!!!
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