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  1. You're welcome. :) I have always asked myself the same thing. Cause the one on TV today? It's supposed to be 'live'. So I don't know how that works. But yeah, the one on TV is tonight, 10PM EST.

  2. Yes! I'm so excited for tomorrow. Can't wait to see her in the VSFS. :) That's David Gandy, yes, he's a model. He is SOOOO hot! I wish him and Candice would do some work together.

  3. Hi! I'm around, just been quiet. Been so busy that I barely have the time to post. But I do keep updated. And YES!! Candice fan forever!! <33 Thank you for stopping by. :)

  4. Oh yes! I'm so positive Candi can make it better. ;) HA! I have imagined that many times. xD Five stars for you too my darling! :)

  5. You're welcome! :)

  6. Hi! You're welcome. :) You have to go to my profile and just below my personal photo, there's a little link that says add as friend, click it and you will have me added! ;)

  7. HA! I'm sure Candice can make it hotterrrrrrrr. :P Lol.

  8. Yes hun, I have seen the commercial and I have dreamed so many times of being Anna! xD I wish him and Candice would do some work together, that would be like so out of this world. And of course, my dream come true! ;)

  9. OH. MY. GOD> You have David Gandy on your Avi!!!! -faints; I love David Gandy!! So therefore I returned the favor and gifted you with a 5 star rating. ;) -cheers on for Candy and David; :D

  10. I think I can pull off a siggy, I've made banners of Candice. And yeah I use photoshop and Photofiltre. When I can't with one I run to the other. Lol.

  11. I know, it took me a while cause I wasn't photoshop adept, and I'm actually still learning the ropes. The creations I've made so far I've used on other places, but yep, I should start to work on stuff for here. :)

  12. Hiiiiiiiiii! :waves: Yaaaayyy for the rating. I can't wait to start making my own and posting them! ;) Hope all is well. And thank you sooo much. You rock. :)

  13. Hiiiiiiii!!!! Yes; a fellow Candice lover indeed!!! :D

  14. Awww Twinkle thank you so much!! <3

  15. Haha, awesome. And thank you, there's still a lot of things I don't how to do in the forum but I suppose eventually I will learn. Oh my there's so many of them. I like Erin, Rosie, Miranda, Behati, Chanel. Adri I like too and Ale. =)

  16. Hi! -waves; OMG yes! Candice is my number one girl!! :D

  17. Heck yes! I couldn't agree more. ;)

  18. Haha, yes it wasssss! Thank you so much for your wishes! ;)

  19. Haha. Well then belated Happy Birthday to you! ;) That's the day I officially registered with BZ. But I have been a spectator for years in search of pictures. I RP and the pictures here are amazing!

  20. Glad to hear! :) Yes mine is always on. I only turn it off when I go to sleep or when I travel. lol

  21. Hello there! I'm doing good. How about yourself? Sorry if it took me a while to respond. I always appear online cause my computer is always on till bed time, but I am most of the time away from my desk. LOL

  22. Happy Valentine's day! <3

  23. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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