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  1. OMG! She's absolutely beautiful! *-*
  2. can anybody help me with this model? .___.
  3. Her face ist pretty and i really love her hair
  4. heartless

    who is she?

    i found this graphic on my pc but i can't remember who this stunning girl is ._. so please help me guys! *-*
  5. The girl on the right side is Mila De Wit ... But who is the girl on the left side? Can anyone help me? ._. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. i stumbled upon this thread and i have to say that Nastassia is really beautiful. *-*
  7. she's really young but absolutely beautiful! *-*
  8. she's really beautiful! I love her cute face. *-*
  9. Who is this stunnig H&M Model? Pls help me to id her ... ._. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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