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  1. She did 3.1 Philip Lim wouuuuuuuah
  2. oooooh nooooop you're so fast!!! loool but i have these pics
  3. {name}

    Hey Soya !! did you set your sails or what ??!! :D

    Hind's topic misses you a lot !! :)

  4. who do you prefer, Hind or Lamia? tell me.
  5. another pictures of kaoutar boudarraja
  6. another pictures of Lamia ALAOUI
  7. Majda Elass: She won the Fashion TV Morocco contest, and she participated to the Elite model look 2009.
  8. I knew it, she'll be the queen of the runway this season! ^^
  9. we're wainting for some news about her, New York fashion week start now!
  10. Mehdi! is amina el allam with any agency? i haven't heard about her for a long time, since she won the Mission fashion 2007.
  11. This girl is Lamia Alaoui, the winner of Look model search 2008, i think she's got something special, a beautiful features!
  12. pictures from the final of elite model look morocco 2010
  13. http://www.flickr.com/photos/youarethestyl...101395462/show/ this is a diaporama of pictures from casablanca fashion week 2010
  14. this girl is Houda Dahhou, she's from Rabat, actually, she's not doing the final elite model world because of her studies, and Nora Rida is replacing her. Very sweet!
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