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  1. Rihanna [4] Beyonce [2] Shakira [5] Katy Perry [4]
  2. I do like Elsa very much, but I'm with you there. Overrated by some people to say the least To be fair, we haven't seen her full potential with VS. She's always been stuck with that Pink crap. Let's see her in the main line. I think she'll shine. I think she will probably look better than for Pink for sure. On the other hand I really liked her chubby body some years ago.
  3. I do like Elsa very much, but I'm with you there. Overrated by some people to say the least
  4. You're going to see that face in other runway shows, interviews, and in a new pretty lingerie brand ads/commercials, and who knows, maybe in cinema
  5. I'm sorry Kev, nobody saw your post because of the Doutzen's news lol. I pretty much agree on who has to go. I have to look at th rest more closely though.
  6. Yeah, Kevork, well said, you are probably right (and obviously know better than me). Anyway I'm not sad at all. Doutzen is still Doutzen VS on the other hand... :magic:
  7. It's exactly what Miranda decided, "because she's a mommy" etc... Honestly I'm glad that she's leaving because I just want to see VS sink.
  8. Wow no kidding ? *Running to Doutzen's thread* She's right about changes though...she's going Miranda's path
  9. Rihanna [6] Beyonce [2] Shakira [5] Katy Perry [4] Jessie J [0]
  10. In the bedroom (the place where you sleep and dream), you can find this on the ceiling
  11. Do you have the number of viewers for each year Bryan ? Can you post them if you do ? I'm curious.
  12. Stella Maxwell ? Yes I know she's doing mainline but honestly she had the potential in Pink and to be the next girl imo (I'm still not a fan of her though). Or maybe Josephine ? Edit : Didnt see your post, Clauds Then I have no idea.
  13. Sorry Behati but Doutzen is fabulous, you can't win this. Doutzen - 5 Behati - 1
  14. ^ Oh forget it I think I got it. It's 10 PM in the US so indeed 4 AM in France...
  15. Is the show already airing in the UK ? I'm a little lost with the timings.
  16. Too much pink for a male. BANNED + 1
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