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  2. how are you doing ken? :)

  3. hahahah thanks lion! I don't know why it said that my bday was yesterday.. actually it's today so thanks! :D

  4. aay que envidia que buena suerte! S

  5. ok, I have to ask, who is the girl on your dp? she is really pretty

  6. thanks for those amazing pics of behati :D

  7. happy new year! :)

  8. ok, I'll accept you :) i'm going to bed, kisses!

  9. yeaah I don't know a word of french so I guess I'm not going to Montreal haha add me on fb if you want :) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1114789054

  10. haha no reason, if you don't want to have me on facebook it's ok :P yeah, from which province are you? I would looove to visit montreal, it looks so pretty! well, in fact, I want to visit all Canada, my mother loves that country, she talks about it almost everyday :P

  11. canada sounds great! I've never been there but I would love to, a friend of mine used to live there when she was younger, she said it's a beautiful country but she hates the weather hah, I went to Italy when I was 10, it's really beautiful, specially Venice, hey do u have facebook?

  12. ooh I like Italian, I can totally understand it, in fact my grandpa is from there, beautiful country, or that's what I remember.. anyway, you didn't answer me where were you from :P no problem if you don't want to say it =)

  13. yup, spanish =) haha I know you are not a creepy old man (or I hope so..) but with 19 years I don't think so :P so where are u from? hah u must be the only person who likes my cheeks (and well, of course, freak old ladies who pinch them..)

  14. Well, I've always thought I look like a baby, I have plump cheeks (is that the word? Sorry english is not my native language)

  15. lovely profile pics, candice and rosie are so sexy!

  16. heey! how are you doing? =)

  17. I love your personal photo! it's so cute! kisses =)

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