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  1. Does somebody know the name of this model in "Madeleine katalog" 2013?
  2. Does somebody know the name of this model in Madeleine 2013?
  3. Shes very beatiful model. She did Aigner spring 2013.....i noticed her there.
  4. Im not a fan anymore. First cos she ignored me and next cos i just got so bored. If somebody want to become her fan, i have tons of her fotos. I can send u by mail many , if somebody interested.
  5. because she hates me and knows bridal gowns scare the living hell out of me.....
  6. Hey , i just noticed her yesterday and i very like her beauty. I think her face is just too perfect! She looks so feminine and classy and elegant! I dont see this elegant site on the models today, i think models today changed....
  7. Wow she is so stunning! :wub2:
  8. foreveryou

    Who is it?

    Does somebody know the name of this model in new H&M magazine from summer 2013?
  9. Yes looks like her! Thank u very much! :wub2:
  10. Does somebody know, who this model is?
  11. I found already her name....i just had to wait...no need to answer anymore, shes Daniela Mirzac.
  12. She was walking Douglas Hannant Fall 2012 in New York.
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