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  1. ooops really Thank you pitounsky
  2. i have already found the last 4. She is Gabrielle Caunesil i guess
  3. Do anyone knew the name of these Ann Summers models? http://images.asos-media.com/products/ann-summers-rosetta-body/6733837-1-black?$XXL$&wid=513&fit=constrain
  4. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/8r6kr0ltspb2ziqq8czalwb88o5qubw3/ 141 images
  5. she was in Agent Provocateur Autumn Winter 2012 Campaign on the same campaign Mónica Cruz Sánchez and Sarah Stephens also involved that is all i can find.
  6. http://cdnc.lystit.com/photos/2012/10/02/agent-provocateur-bordeaux-christabelle-playsuit-product-2-4871448-538348614.jpeg http://cdnc.lystit.com/photos/2012/11/09/agent-provocateur-red-lucienne-pinafore-product-2-5196843-145579881.jpeg http://cdnd.lystit.com/photos/2012/08/06/agent-provocateur-pearl-morrigan-bustle-product-2-4414822-900637059.jpeg Do anyone know the name of her?
  7. for bigger version of this photoshoot: http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/f82caea5084faecead2260e5b72ed23b
  8. http://images.bruce-...achment/267335/ http://images.bruce-...achment/267330/ http://images.bruce-...achment/267328/ they look like twins
  9. Do someone know who this model is? I guess she is Russian
  10. I also look for who she is. Anyone knows?
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