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  1. If i get it good,that party is all about Marlon .And can't wait to see full video and pics from party
  2. Blue Man backstage- Rio s/s 2011 from marlon fb fan page
  3. One more campaign for our boy source I couldn't believe when i read this,because i was always imagine how would look like campaign with marlon and Lea or Marlon and Andrej.Although i love more Andrej,this is same amazing.so excited to see it
  4. marlon is so good in videos,i mean in all kinf of videos:music,making off,commercial.he is just to good
  5. i love the video,it's great
  6. Penn and Marlon in same room?are you kidding with me? :shock: That's the room where i should be
  7. this is one of my favorite marlon job
  8. from armani exchange facebook
  9. my favorite part in whole video,because i adore paris hilton,and photo of her giving interview in front of marlon poster is irresistible for me
  10. ^ omg,paris and nicky hilton,camilla belle,josh henderson.....all them surrounded by marlon photos
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