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  1. Heyy!! It has been awhile. Life's pretty good right now. heh.. Just started school again and I'm living on my own now. =) Exciting. haha.. How've you been?

  2. Oohh.. It's okay. I think shopping's better in New York than meeting people. You can do that anywhere. =] New York people, some of them are really mean. >_< But yeah, I so agree that time flies by. I'm almost graduating soon from HS. Yay! =P

  3. Nothing new. Just a lot of tennis practice and soreness. =[ How about you?

  4. Hey! =] Not really. I got sick like last week and I'm still sick now. =[ Not very fun when I have tennis practice, too. *sniffs* How've you been? ^_^

  5. hehe.. aww. The outlets here are pretty good priced. I haven't had a bad bargain yet. Hopefully I just didn't jinx myself. =P

  6. Aww, that stinks. I'm sure maybe next time. =] I just don't like the outlets because they make me spend so much $$! It's crazy.. >_<

  7. aww! At least everyone was safe with lots of goodies from the outlets! =] hehe.. Did you get anything good or like totally cheap? =P I love it when I get a good deal. haha..

  8. hehe.. Yeah, same for me, too. =P My friends took me shopping at an outlet mall so yeah, we went crazy shopping. LoL

  9. Crap.. I somehow deleted everyone's comment?? >_< But heh, my birthday was fun. My friend took me shopping and then we went out to dinner later in the evening. I swear though, food was like my bday theme this year. =P That's all everyone did for me. haha.. I don't mind though, I love food. LoL

  10. Hey,

    I'm good. =] And yourself? Oh, those Hyori pictures you have are so freaken pretty!

  11. OMGosh.. THANK YOU! hehe.. I didn't think anyone would know at all. =P

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