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  1. Is this her?? http://www.imagebam.com/image/2340d5123516623
  2. Elle Russia inside pictures http://www.transcosmic.com/2011/02/21/bar-...march-2011-x16/
  3. Nope... she was at Escada event with her childhood friend, Gal. Not that Marissa girl
  4. behind her, Or an beside her is Nikki
  5. Nobody Interesting to read messages like this. And sorry, no new pictures from me beacuse of this message. It's so SIMPLE to share! Really? Not interesting? so why you send me message like this? -hi, Emily Losca. i really want to see the pictures. i don't have a website or fan page, can you send the piсtures to my email - ..... huge thank you:)- Well so sorry I can't online everyday and I'm about to send you the pics... but to read your rude public message :yuckky: ..... oh well
  6. I have few pics, inside party of Danny A promo movie in Israel but not gonna posting here since so many people pretending to be Bar on facebook or twitter but hey message me if you want the picture for your website or fans page
  7. So many great pictures on paulwalker.com like in Baja or panama. Can some one post it on here. Will be great for Paul fans
  8. She also work with GAP for this season other designer
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