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  1. Welcome back! That's awesome, if you know of something or see something please let us know.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions has signed a first-look film and television deal with Apple, joining Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, A24 and Imagine Documentaries on the tech giant’s producer roster. https://www.screendaily.com/news/leonardo-dicaprios-appian-way-in-film-tv-deal-with-apple/5152053.article
  3. Akatosh, thanks to confirm Leo still has the tattoo. I loved A Star is Born, I think certainly Leo would nail the performance, BUT he can't sing, and Bradley... damn, he can sing and his voice is amazing! I loved all the songs he sang, I even download the songs because I loved soo much, loved Lady Gaga performance and songs too, this movie was perfect, but soo sad. Not forgetting Bradley also direct the movie, he's very talented. I think if Leo were going to do it I would prefer Lady Gaga as his partner than Beyoncé, IDK why but I'am just sick of Beyoncé, lol. Now, if it was another singer called Rihanna, I would love it, haha.
  4. Thanks jade and luckygirl for the pics and video. Absolutely love Rick Dalton smile at that ending scene.
  5. Thanks for the posts ox. I don't think Leo removed his tatoo, I think he still has it, and if I'am not mistaken he did the tatto back in 2010. Also, I'am not sure if his friends have matching tatoos but they do have the matching W necklaces. I sure hope there is some news about killers of Flower Moon coming soon.
  6. This is completely new to me, the movie promos in Asia are really the best, haha.
  7. More producer stuf. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/leonardo-dicaprio-appian-way-utopian-island-1234720565/
  8. So looking on google today for Leo news I find out about an Italian actress that is related to him, her name is Rafaella Di Caprio and she's really pretty, I guess Leo probably doesn't even know of her existence. Raffaella Di Caprio is a Samnite beauty. She is from Dugenta and will be the leading actress in the second season of Furore. And for her entry into the golden world of entertainment she reveals a family history that binds her to the star par excellence ... Leonardo Di Caprio. The young Samnite actress, in fact, remembered "My great grandfather and his were first-degree relatives ...". It is no secret, in fact, that Leonardo's great-grandparents, Salvatore DiCaprio and Rosina Cassella, were originally from Alife and Piedimonte Matese respectively. Towns in the province of Caserta but in fact very close to Sannio. For Raffaella a bond that we hope will bring her the same luck as the Oscar-winning actor. https://www.ottopagine.it/bn/attualita/99355/la-sannita-imparentata-con-leonardo-di-caprio-fa-furore.shtml
  9. I love that song, but that idea was not cool, glad Leo was not part of it, it would soo tacky, lmao!
  10. Someone needs to buy Leo a belt or pants on the right size.
  11. But isn't too much drama because of a simple video? I understand he likes to preserve his privacy, but I think he exaggerates sometimes, and there's nothing scandalous about that video, plus it's already all over fan IG's, no matter if who originally posted deletes it. Well, this is my opinion.
  12. I just found this video I saved from 2014 and thought you would like to see. Leo.wmv
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