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  1. Those are just amazing. Kim outshines the other two girls... hey hey hey easy there, 'the other two girls'????? :evil: i'm kidding, Kim is gorgeous, of cause far from Inguna gorgeous, but still i'm glad she does so much lately...Eds, Shows, Ads... Go Kim! Well, it is my opnion to say Kim outshines the other two. And for you to say Kim is "far from Inguna gorgeous", again that is your opinion. Remind you, this is a KIM NOORDA thread and not about Inguna.
  2. Those are just amazing. Kim outshines the other two girls...
  3. Instead of taking all the posts from tFS why don't you guys just sign up with tFS? Hint hint MINUS?
  4. It's not photoshopped! Both are really good friends, and both of them have no problems being like that, I'm sure they are just being goofy. By the way, has anyone seen the CKin2U commercial? She looks really great and flirty in that.
  5. ^ thank you, that saved me some time
  6. Has anyone posted the US Vogue June 2007 editorial with Doutzen in it titled "Rio Grand"?
  7. I knew it! Those pictures I posted are reposts! Sorry folks, I'll delete them now!
  8. It's not the best in quality but these are from MUSE #6 Italian magazine
  9. Sorry Dutchygirl, I can't find that picture in a bigger size...
  10. Kim walked for Chanel cruise 08 I love her with red lips!
  11. Photographers: Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Idlekofer She is very thin and do to her being so thin (I hate to say this) she is getting more jobs. I have noticed her in more magazine editorials than ever before!
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