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  1. Coincidentally, it is also the year of the goat/sheep/ram, according to the Chinese zodiac.
  2. I was able to find three of them. V434069, V434070, V434086. Anyone have the other one?
  3. I feel like I've seen this somewhere before...
  4. That new book is priced at 200 USD! Why is it so expensive? V2 was only around 50 when I got it.
  5. Is it just me, or are some of those catalog number pics being used again? I have some saved from a few weeks ago that have the same number, but are different pics.
  6. So did Victoria's Secret change their file server? Seems like the files are at "dm.victoriassecret.com/product/760x1013/V######.jpg" now, over from "media.victoriassecret.com/product/prodzoom/V######.jpg" The resolution also seems to have gone down a little bit from 760x1024 to 760x1013.
  7. Wow. Something about those wetsuit shots is super hot. I like those even better than the cleavage-y bikini tops.
  8. Could anyone tell me what the Vxxxxxx catalog number for this photo is?
  9. +2? Nvm, I guess I missed adding them to my collection.
  10. More bigger 'hq' (imo, they're too grainy when zoomed in) Most of the look book pics, minus a few I can't seem to find the product pages for.
  11. i think these are some new ones V385224 - 8 and V385234 - 7 via vsbrowser
  12. I love how it's the Fantasy BRA and yet they still take one of those look over the shoulder pictures to show off her ass. I can't blame them though, I love the booty.
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