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  1. Hey Iliana :)

    I'm good thanks, and u?

    Lucky u. It's cold over here :(

  2. Hey Paige :)

    I've been a member of tFS since 2005 :p

  3. Oh that sucks :/

    I'm sure u will get it done soon :)

    I'm good thanks. Just chillin at home right now :)

  4. No one can kill the laziness in them :|

    The usual clubbing/partying and right now relaxing :)

    Do u have any plans for the weekend?

  5. I love your handwriting!

  6. That's awesome :) but I'm sure u will be doing more than nothing :P

  7. It can't be that bad :P

  8. I'm good thanks. Just listening to music at the moment. How about u? :)

  9. Nope it's still cold here :( It's the start of winter :|

  10. I'm good thanks, and u? :)

  11. I'm good thanks, and u? :)

    It's cold here :(

  12. I knew u would :D and I'm glad u do :hug:

  13. Hey Bianca

    Love the Bemberg set :drool:

  14. You know u love male models :P

  15. Not a fan of rum cake :/ but coz it's from u, I will eat it :)

  16. How could I forget iPanda :shifty: Do u like the singer in my new set? :D

  17. Very disappointing Ange :( You guessed correctly :) She's hot :drool:

  18. She is Elena from Russian group "Serebro" You like her? :brows:

  19. It's on page 14 in my thread :ninja:

  20. :woot: Which model? :shifty:

  21. Panida :chicken:

    How have u been? :hug:

    It was Darla Baker :)

  22. and I love the Darianess of your set :wub:

  23. It was Darla Baker :)

  24. Oh yeah I forgot about that :| Have u seen the knife one? :shifty:

  25. In that case *pours alcohol down Ange's throat* jk :P I would never trigger your migraine :ninja:

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