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  1. Brakkar

    Korean Model

    Hello, any clue who she is?
  2. Hi, who is the asian model from a Hermes ad spot ?
  3. Hello, Would you have a closeup of the face of Brenda on the left picture please? Like a high quality scan?
  4. It's not brenda schad, but who is she?
  5. Any clue? I know it's a difficult one
  6. Sorry I only got these pictures where you don't see the eyes.... but could someone ID her? Current model on Nordstrom website.
  7. Formidable thank you. Would you have larger, higher quality of those scans?
  8. Who is the big lady with red top and black bottom?
  9. I will never get enough Thanks. Can't think of any other model face that is up to this structure.
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