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  1. Wow this place has changed! How've you been?

  2. So you changed your name back. The last time I was on here, you had a different name.

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima


      Woah, long time no see! :o And ya, the name is more fitting this way :D

  3. So sorry to hear about your loss Mickiala

  4. Right after you know who was banned it went down to 3 stars! So I'll bet she has more accounts on here. But hopefully things will calm down on here now.

  5. DIABLO 3 DAY!!

  6. Down to 3 stars too!! YAY for fake accounts!

  7. I am doing a happy dance!!! You guys got rid of my headache!!

  8. Thanks for raising me to 4!!

  9. Your sig is awesome!

    That says it all!

  10. Now you just need to change your avi and sig:)

  11. Barbara Palvin is much better!!!

  12. Tired but good. And yay! We are 3 stars now! Lexus went down to 2 but she's back to 3 now. And how are you?

  13. He needs to get a life! A few of us know that he is the one making fake profiles to rate people down.

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes babe! How are you?

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  16. Thanks for the birthday wishes and I hope you had a great birthday!

  17. COP11

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  18. I am on my way to the hospital! Talk to you in a few weeks!

  19. Babies are coming!!! TTYL!!

  20. Hey love! I haven't been on for awhile. Had to deal with some things. How are you?

  21. Probably not since most people wouldn't. Maybe just Blue might be better. Still have no idea about a boys name! I am kinda leaning towards Cash though.

  22. You are welcome babe! Haven't talked to you in awhile. How have you been?

  23. I like the name Bleu for a girl, still have no idea on a boys name. And I would love to have all boys! Girls are a pain in the ass. I have 3 girls so I know first hand

  24. Hello Russell!

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