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  1. You are reading my mind,he travel a lot this past weeks.and yeah his eyes are very pretty
  2. Marlon is in Barletta now (city on the Adriatic coast in Italy) and one more thing,i almost forget to say it.Stefano Gabbana congratulated Fillip his birthday on twitter and told him he love his new video
  3. yes,he was great.i was thinking how he will be,because he looked shy in front of camera before,but nothing about shy here,he did it great. and i also would like to see him in some music video again,i hope after his diesel fragrance campaign in which he worked with Melina Matsoukas ,she will hire him for some of her future music video.That would be amazing because she works only with biggest music start in world like Rihanna,Beyonce....
  4. more photos from making off from TFS
  5. making of music video "Sneg" music director: Alan Badoev model: Darya Klishina (Women's athletics- long jumper-) same source
  6. screencap of video thanks to mansila from MH
  7. marlon in russian TV show Пусть говорят marlon showing up from 05:35
  8. GQ Style China S/S 2011 'IN BED' Ph: Dusan Reljin Styling: Sean Spellman
  9. go no AX facebook page http://www.facebook.com/armaniexchange and you will see on it
  10. Armani Exchange Summer 2011 Photographer: Matthew Scrivens Stylist: Kate Lanphear
  11. Armani Exchange Summer 2011 Photographer: Matthew Scrivens Stylist: Kate Lanphear
  12. Armani Exchange Summer 2011 Photographer: Matthew Scrivens Stylist: Kate Lanphear
  13. love the video and new photo by dimitris.to bad that this is one of the last videos we will see from armani exchange this summer,because neither marlon or chico didn't cast for summer campaign. AX post photo from their summer campaign and they wrote names of the model who are in campaign and there isn't marlon and chico names. btw Marlon is in London
  14. great news about dsquared2.but look like that story about francisco in AX summer campaign is not true,because last night AX post on their facebook page one photo from summer campaign and they wrote names of all models who are book for it,and there isn't francisco name. here is the name of all model:Julian Schratter, Caleb Halstead, Antonio Navas, Charlotte Carter-Allen, and Paola Rehmeier.
  15. D&G F/W 2011/2012 John Galliano F/W 2011/2012 Thierry Mugler F/W 11.12 Paris Dolce & Gabbana FW 2011/2012 Bottega Veneta Fall 2011 the fashion spot
  16. Vogue Homme Japan Preview Ph:Miguel Reveriego Styled:Shun Watanabe
  17. Adrien Brunier, Louis Prades, Alexandre Gaillot & Laurent Albucher by Yannick Leconte for Guapo Magazine thefashionisto
  18. Lucien Pellat-Finet SS 11 Ph: Bruno Barbazan Lizzy.P@tfs Re-posted images deleted. They were already posted in post #1. ***Edited by MauiKane
  19. Ph: Nicolas Valois Lizzy.P@tfs
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