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  1. Cover of ELECTRIC YOUTH BRAZIL! from marcelo krasilicic blog
  2. Cover of ELECTRIC YOUTH BRAZIL! from marcelo krasilicic blog
  3. we will see,but it's good to see marlon doing so much campaigns latley and although some people don't like terry's work(i'm not a big fan of his work) it's great thing for marlon's career to such a high fashion photographer love him and use him in campaigns he do.
  4. he should definitely be in top 10,and i'm not saying it only because i'm his fan ,i'm saying it cause if someone objectively look on all his work he should thought the same as we
  5. Marlon rank moved up on models.com and he is now #16. this is good,but i think that models.com should give him even better rank,cause he deserve it by his work,and all those jobs he did latley,especially Diesel fragrance campaign
  6. this issue is much better then last 2. i love marlon facial expression on spiderman photo,but i think that spiderman costume shoulded be for one number smaller
  7. Preview of Made In Brazil #3 "Fame" from new madeinbrazilblog.com and one more promo video http://vimeo.com/23913334
  8. Making of Coca-Cola Clothing Campaign SS12
  9. ^ omg,this is supercute twitter/madeinbrazil
  10. i don't know what to say on all this,it just to good.can't wait to order my copy of MIB,especialy now when i know that marlon is on cover.And that work with Adriana is also good,and it cool that he worked with her,cause i love her and i met her in Belgrade. and here is a part of interview with Matteo Zini: and 2 photos from that interview source
  11. ^ i agree,it was soo adorable.And i think that those 2 interviews with marlon should came out soon.
  12. they are great team(marloes ands marlon) and i'm very thankful to Diesel for giving us interview with models,and also thank you gosia for finding and posting it
  13. i don't know will he be alone or will be some other guys with him,but marlon will be on cover of #3 issue of Made in brazil magazine(info from anderson baumgartner twitter)
  14. cause it's personal photo from his facebook
  15. I prefer spots much more then print ads
  16. i also want to thanks a diesel for everything they did.they also wrote little article about marlon on their fragrance site. also marlon is in brazil,because he's shooting new s/s campaign of Coca Cola Clothing with Nathalie Edenburg and Janaína Reis.Photographer is Jacques Dequeker.
  17. she is amazing in diesel campaign
  18. yeah,finally,but it was worth of waiting.i like it a lot,a both spots,but i like more a first spot "Bandidos" ,it's much more crazy and very fun.marloes and marlon have a great chemistry
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