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  1. ^ his eyes are perfect on this photo Marlon is in Sao Paulo,and photographer Tavinho Costa wrote few hours ago on his twitter this: and journalist José Luiz Macedo post photo from shooting on his twitter:
  2. one more job for him I would like to know who is photographer i don't know who is phtographer,but i know that he is in top 10
  3. when i saw it first time,i saw like this is best men campaign ever,i really like it.And today when i saw this photos on TFS i was so damn happy,because it's type of campaign who i wanted to see from marlon again. Also Marlon will be in Client magazine book "100 Faces of 2011".i just saw that on their facebook
  4. i thought the same,the poses he's making in this campaign are reminding me on Dior campaign he did. I think that there will also be some making of video,because i would like to see it.i always had a big wish to see Dior ss 09 making of video,and this is reminds me on that campaign,soo i hope i will see it
  5. Antony Morato F/W 11-12 Photographer: Joseph Cardo
  6. http://www.details.com/style-advice/rules-...fashion#slide=1
  7. http://www.details.com/style-advice/rules-...fashion#slide=1
  8. if he do all 4 fashion weeks(Rio,SP,Milano,Paris), we all gona be very happy.
  9. In interview posted by marcisco,he says he's going in Paris tomorrow,so he won't walk in SP?I thought he will,cause i heard somewhere that he shoulded walk for Reserva.But i think it's better if he's going in Paris now,cause he finally did national catwalk,and it's better for him to go in Europe now,so we could saw him in Paris and Milano.And i love his answere about shyness
  10. this past few days were crazy for Marlon thread,every time when i went to some fashion site i would saw some new Marlon's photos,videos or interviews. Blue Man Party
  11. Marlon about his work with Lea T. for Blue Man: Glamurama
  12. Blue Man ss12 - Rio HQs And photos of moment when Ana Claudia Michels is helped by Ana Beatriz Barros after she fell,and Marlon is coming and applauding to them tfs
  13. i don't like his hairstyle in Fiasco editorial
  14. Exact same reaction I had riv, when I saw the pics on madeinbrazil. Waay too hot! Marlon has been everywhere lately and he seems to be doing a million brazilian campaigns! But the more jobs he books the better. Cannot wait for marlon to finally walk in brazilian fashion weeks and the Tom Ford FW 11/12 campaign! i also can't wait to see him on Rio catwalk,i think he should walk tonight for Blue Man same here,i would like to know which brand is that jacket
  15. On party of Blush Branding agency 31/05/2011 and one more from 2nd Floor party siterg.ig.com.br
  16. 2ndFloor party (May 30. 2011) with Aline Weber, Daiane Conterato and Lea T. With owners of ELLUS
  17. omg,he is slaying.it's incredible how busy he is.
  18. Umno magazine : june 2011 Editorial: The Shouth American Way Photographer: Dawidh Orlando
  19. Cover of Umno june 2011 by Dawidh Orlando tfs
  20. Making of Blue Man s/s 2011/2012 campaign in Rio de Janeiro today with Terry Richardson and Lea T.
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