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  1. izabel is so gorgeous! and she was beuatiful when she cried
  2. omgsh!! adriana was unbelievably GREAT on the runway !!! :yay:!! someone please cap the show !!
  3. now i REALLY can't wait til the VSFS !!!! yyayy onlly..........about 2 hours n 30 minutes to go!! ---i should really finish my homework cause i wanna watch 'bones' and 'house' too ---
  4. just a little mini wallie i made for all the izabel fans
  5. Oh let it go already... you sound like a broken recorQ seriously she looked gorgeous and had so much personality that it doens't matter!
  6. Hmm I don't know either. I have to admit I didn't think she was very pretty.... Lemme see, there were some pics posted in the general VSFS thread....ah yes, here it is: Sorry for the off-topic-ness! :yuckky: she's not very pretty..she looks pretty high/drunk cause of her eyes but what a waste of a model spot...some other gorgoeus more experienced or even a mroe beautiful random college girl shoulda/coulda gotten the spot
  7. i agree limalicious!!! when i hear some people criticize her beauty i'm shocked! adriana IS the number one most sexy/beautiful woman ever it's true, i like jess alba, but she's just a pretty face...and a hot body too...i don't think she's a great actress, but she's really popular cause she's gorgoeus... butttttttttttttt adriana's all around beautiful and gorgoeus !
  8. thanks :D!! yours is beautiful too! jessica alba is gorgeous!

  9. thanks :)!!! i will soon make more :P haha

  10. i absolutely LOVE rihanna's hair cut i'm planning on cutting my hair like hers later on
  11. does anyone know the list of themes in this VSFS? i kknow there's the animal kingdom and the deck the halls-christmas one and the surreal one...but what's the other ones??
  12. i LOVE jarah's R&R ads !! i saw them in one of my magazines and got excited
  13. miranda looks beautiful than ever!! so waiittt...she only got 2 outfits this year?? i've only seen the PINK and the christmas one... awww i wish
  14. tyra's butt adriana's body or marisa miller's??
  15. Nope. She was confirmed for the show, even mere days before the show itself she was on every 'confirmed' list people had compiled, and she mentioned it in interviews she did recently, that the show was coming up and she'd be in it. But she wasn't there, so something must have happened - we don't know what. Just rumors floating around, nothing confirmed.
  16. alessandra's outfits were cute, and i LOVED her in her animal kingdom outfit and the surreal one too...but in the deck the halls outfit...it was cute...she just looks scary in the pics...too much facial expression...she still looked gorgeous!!
  17. OMGSH!!! ADRIANA LOOKS SOOOO GORGEOUS! ALL her outfits were sooo cute!!!! she owned that show!! can't wait til it airs !
  18. beautiful set Supermodel Diva! love the fonts too! great job
  19. ok hee's your set. not quite like what you wanted buttt i tried haha hope you like it. you don't have to use it if you don't though. <btw if you don't like the avatar like that i can redo it for you > oh and here's another ADRIANA set i've made awhile ago. anyione can use <if you don't like the avatar then i ca always redo it > WOW! Its beautiful Your great! Thank-you :heart: I will definitely use this! haha you're welcome! and glad you like ti! !
  20. so the thing i got from victoria's secret IS alessandra. for some reaosn it really didn't look liked her. but that's cool that the bra's reversible!
  21. thanks! can't wait what outfits she'll wear !! so excited!
  22. yeha it also takes .avi files too. but i believe that's pretty much it. it's frustrating but you have to convert your files to mpeg/mpg/avi
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