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  1. haha that's what i was thinking. but moreso cause she has shorter legs than the rest of the angels...her torso's longer, so her stomach'll probably look good, but since her legs are a bit shorter, she looks shorter now that she's got some meat on her legs i always felt alessandra was too skinny, though muscular mind you, but real thinly toned. now she has a lovely curvy..er...body
  2. that's so true thoguh. esp like the fashion shows. 03 and 05 were THE BEST! 06 was ok too. but 07.....was horrible! i really hope 08's not gonna be a killer too i was soooo disappointed in 07, the only thing i liked was that there weren't a lot of VS ANGELS at that time....but on the other...there was a CRAPLOAD of new models...and they sucked....horribly. i can list like 100 things that was wrong witht hat show and now izabel...
  3. true true. she is the epitome of beauty and of a true VS angel
  4. that's so true! well, armani is a bigger company than j.lo and l'oreal, in my opinion, and so hopefully she'll shine on her own. it's sad but true that VS hasn't used her so much in their campaigns ...come to think of it, before they haven't used a lot of the ANGELS in the catalogs and such either, cause before the christmas catalog, i didn't see adriana, nor heidi, nor izabel, and even selita either! wth...they're just using a lot of the PINK models...pink is whatever, it's not THAT great of a collection, and the models <except miranda> aren't that great either i'm so sad izabels not an angel anymore...she was one of my favorites!
  5. a simple wallpaper i made from heidi's VS makeup event.
  6. heidi's red bow outfit reminds me of adriana's 2005 VSFS outfit where she was wrapped up like a gift in that aqua material i liked adriana's better cause it was more elaborate...but heidi's is cute too i hope her makeup's not gonna be THAT dark in the fashion show...it's a bit intimidating looking
  7. i know! 2007's was a total mess! i thought there was waaaaaaay too many new models and waaaaay too many segments/themes to the fashion show. some of it was just whatever, and a lot of the models to me weren't too great on the runway. they did the EXACT same thing over and over and over again. i hope this year's will be really good like 03 and 05, to me those two years were the best. 06 was ok too, but 07 just killed it...it was horrible
  8. ^ same here! her and adriana are the highlights of VSFS
  9. she looks so adorable in that editorial
  10. haha. yeah when i first heard of the show i was like wth and the first episode reminded me of the devil wears prada. although after i watched it, i LOVE that show! though i must admit there are a few cheesy moments throughout the show, but it's still cute
  11. haha you just took the words outta my mouth she was so beautiful!!! ahhh i'm so jealous that the cast got to work with adriana lima !!
  12. ain't that the truth?? before i felt she was so underrated and deserved some more coverage...especially in the vs catalogs! but now, especially in the christmas catalog, there are pages and pages of her looking very beautiful !
  13. thanks magic for the editorial
  14. I love the black wings idea! I don't think anyone was thinking about the bra being black, but I'm glad that it is now. i must agree that it's such a BEAUTIFUL bra. it's sooo much better looking than the 06's bra. i mean, that was just your regular diamonds plastered onto a comfy bra. and last year's was alright...but it was too much with the matching garter and pin and stuff. this year's is really elegant and beautiful, totally fitting to adriana
  15. FINALLY, adriana is modeling the fantasy bra! it's about time, really though! and i really like it i'm sure adriana will model it better down the runway than selita did last year she was horrible...
  16. in that crotch shot thank goodness she's a classy actress who is sophisticated enough to not go commando by the by, she looks STUNNING!
  17. thanks so much! marisa looks even more beautiful now! i love her dress as well!
  18. she looks beautiful! but i'm sad that she's not in a lot of the catalogs i still think VS has waaaaay too many new models....and angels too....but i like all the current/new angels
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