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  1. those pics were posted in the Tori Praver thread a few years ago but we discovered that in fact they are not of Tori because of the face and eyes.. so I was wondering who this model is, I think she's so pretty! thanks alot for helping me! <3
  2. I truly hope we can finally seperate from Canada ! In my heart we're already a country. Canada is making us a bad reputation. Bye!

  3. hmm, what do you mean ?

  4. Hi there ! I decided to join this board because I like to discuss celebs but in a friendly sort of way. I used to be a member on a certain board but people keep bitching everyone and insulting celebrities so I decided to search for another forum and I found this one and I'm really starting to like this place so far. Well, my name is Vanessa obviously. I'm going to be 17 on march,30th. I have dark blond hair and green eyes.I live in a little island in Canada called Magdalen Island. Its in the Quebec so my first language is french and yes I can make mistakes in english sometimes. I love arts, especially acting. I think thats about it. Oh, here's a picture of me so you can put a face on my name LOL! *Picture delete!*
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