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  1. she is so beautiful .. without words
  2. she is so lovely .. it would be great when we see more of her!
  3. love ALL new shootings and her good way
  4. I post it three post ago .. or the november issue? what do you mean? Kathi for Gunex and other quick pic: Neues_Bild__1_.bmp Neues_Bild.bmp Neues_Bild__1_.bmp Neues_Bild.bmp
  5. perfect age I think! she is stunning
  6. finally a shooting .. hope for more
  7. UK VOGUE DECEMBER 2010 Star Girls by Mario Testino
  8. most of them are my favourite pics, too!
  9. First pic of Pimkie .. tomorrow I will post the other that I saw Edit: sry for the poor quality!
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