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  1. A random pic I found in a blog... can't believe he's only 17!
  2. Tell me if he's not Adriana+Isabeli in a men! ??! Full Name: Fernando Schnerocke Place of origin: Brazil Date of birth: September 23 1992 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Blue/Green Height: 1,88m suit size: 10 chest: 34 suit: 40 L tshirt: 14 shoes: 10 Mother Agency: Mega Model Brasil Milan: Elite Milan
  3. Yeah I know!!!! hahaha... Please send me one of your xmas cards when u have them done!
  4. Someone knows what it says here?
  5. From O2W: Fantastic. Fabulous. Flawless. Filipe Mota is an 18 year old from Portugal and new to the world of fashion. With his fathomless beauty we’re sure that once he hits Paris and Milan he’ll flourish.
  6. Full name: Filipe Mota Date of birth: December 22 1990 Place of origin: Portugal Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 185 Chest: 89 Waist: 76 Hips: 80 Suit: 48 Shirt: 38 Shoes: 43 Mother Agency: Blu Models
  7. I know is very early, but MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 everyone! haha.. look at this sexy Santa Claus right here ... I haven't see these pics around here... I think this is pretty old 'cause he looks very young, but still gorgeous anyway! and hot of course!
  8. Owwww he's got such a nice voice! Can't believe that he's gonna be 18 this year! haha
  9. Dior Underwear Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld via the fashion spot
  10. Hello I'm a new addicted haha.. he's lovely
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