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  1. OMG ! my signature was less than 600 pixels x 140 pixels, now I made it even more little (right now it is 395x208 pixels) ...I really HOPE you won't delete again.. I can prove to you I'm not breaking the rules! why did you eliminate it?...Well, now it is even more little

  2. Si en eso tienes razon, a mi lo q me encanta de McQueen es la extravagancia elegante q pone en sus shows... Yo soy de san jose, tibas... y donde vives en USA?

  3. No!, no conozco hatillo... pues q dichoso q vas a ver a gaga.. bueno luego me cuentas como estuvo el concierto jaja

  4. diego :) ...., y de hecho a mi tambien me encanta mcqueen, y harry potter, y francisco lachowski, y gemma y sasha... veo q tenemos gustos similares XD

  5. Oye que coincidencia.. la verdad nunca espere encontrar a nadie con sangre tica x aca jajaja..(5 estrellas p/ ti)... Pero mira ya toda la conversacion y ni te he preguntado como te llamas?

  6. jajaja pues esta bueno saberlo, uno nunk sabe lol ... y a q edad era q vivias aqui? fuiste a algun cole?

  7. Si me imagino q ya no te acuerdas de nada lol... No la verdad x carnicerias no me puedo guiar! jajaja ... Yo te preguntaba x la provincia, estabas en San Jose, Heredia, Alajuela.. donde?

  8. No ni me digas! x 1 concierto de lady gaga yo tmb me hubiera quedado alla! jaja... y adonde vivias aqui en CR?

  9. Pues yo jamas me imaginaria q fueras hispano, xq conoces mucho de moda, en mi pais nadie sabe nada... vos sos de mexico fijo?

  10. Y no apruebes todos los comments! Mande como 5 xq no saliam de inmediato! hasta ahora veo q los tienes q aprobar jaja... my bad!

  11. Te gusta Natalia Lafourcade? (x la cancion en tu Personal Statement) ... No sabia q supieras espa

  12. Thanks! I'm doing fine too!.. I bet it must be sooo cold in USA right know! and I feel terrible in cold places, but I want to go to NY sooo bad lol ,,, Someday maybe :D

  13. Hi! I'm feeling so bad because some days ago I was about to ask how is your health now and I didn't do it :( ... How are you?

  14. Pix

    hahaha totally understand you... I had my exams last week, I'm on my vacations right now, finally! , but you're going 2 do well... I'm wishing u good luck from the distance! :D

  15. Pix

    Just passing by to say how r u?

  16. Pix

    wow... you're member number 2.. who is number 1?

  17. I'm from Costa Rica, spanish is my native language.. and your from The Netherlands, where do you live? Holland? I know some friends there.. speaking dutch is soooo difficult lol

  18. Yeah! it was very funny ^^ .. I'm fine as well , loving your avatar by the way... :laugh:

  19. H! how r u ?

  20. I'm from Costa Rica... I've never know the snow! :`( lol

  21. Oww, I know you'l feel better soon ;) ! And I wish u a nice weekend too! From which state r u?

  22. Hi! ^^ I'm fine! How are u?

  23. Hi! Thank u sooo much 4 all the pics you post on isabeli's thread! i <3 her

  24. Well that's knd of funny! So Bali's thread was created by an accident... a good one i have to say!

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