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  1. I don't think this has been posted.
  2. I know two of these are reposts of the ones posted by Prettyphile, I just added them because they're larger. Credit to Celebritycity user Maelstrom.
  3. Behind the scenes video with Bette when she did "Pin Up" for V Magazine. She has such a gorgeous smile. http://vimeo.com/13135252
  4. Ilovegemmaward.com has added over 500 screen captures of gemma from "the Black Balloon." Just a few. http://www.ilovegemmaward.com/photos/thumb...s.php?album=624
  5. ] April 30, 2009 I was standing outside of Penn Station finishing up a Nat Sherman when I glanced to my right and saw her standing there with her brother Henry & friends. I was unsure if it was her at first because it was just so…unexpected! We chatted for a bit (no juicy goss to report) then they hopped in a cab and I headed home. She also complemented me on my eyes haha! Source: http://youbettawork.wordpress.com/
  6. The trailer for "The Black Balloon" is on Myspace. http://www.myspace.com/theblackballoonfilm enjoy.
  7. Those pics are from Ralph Lauren Fall 2006 ready to wear. And you're welcome.
  8. Credit: FirstView.com Sorry if repost.
  9. Credit: FirstView.com-Style.com
  10. Her Fotolog--> http://www.fotolog.com/camila_finn_/
  11. Credit: FirstView.com Sorry if repost.
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