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  1. TheLook.com Shortlist Magazine Outtakes
  2. David for PKZ SS 2011 Backstage @ PKZ SS2011 Video: David for PKZ SS 2011 pls. make some gifs of him... More images: David By Terry Richardson For Sergio K David is considering launching his debut menswear collection "I've been thinking about it," he tells us. "People have asked me to do it and it is something I'm considering for the future. I designed my own suit for a party this week and I never got so many compliments on an outfit. But there is a big difference between designing one suit or an entire collection. I see how Dolce and Gabbana do it, they just produce s
  3. David Gandy by Guindani Luca Trovati source
  4. More Sergio K Outtakes Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Polaroids by Micah Johnson it didn't came from any agency, it's from a photo shoot, i think... source
  6. David Gandy by Terry Richardson for Sergio K Fall 2011 if you can't see the image, here's the link: source
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